May 28, 2024

Often the focus is on directing visitors to a website with no thought to getting those visitors to stay longer than a few seconds or to subsequently return. If visitors don’t stay, then it will not be possible to convert them into buyers, followers or subscribers, which is usually what you may want to do.

Here are five ways you can get visitors to stay longer on your website:

1. Improve Load Time

It can be very frustrating to users when they have to wait a long time for a website to load. The longer the load time, the more visitors will be likely exit your website.

This may be improved by choosing a good host, an appropriate hosting package for the expected content requirement, resizing images and, where possible, hosting video and audio media on reliable external sources.

2. Good Navigation

Navigation should be correct, organised and free from spelling errors, and all links should work correctly. In-text anchor links to external websites (unless on purpose) should not steer visitors away from your page.

3. Landing Page

Ensure that that your home, landing and interior pages are uncluttered. Engage the services of a professional web development company in London such as to help you create an aesthetically pleasing and organised website. Where users access your website through keywords, the corresponding page content should match the keywords used to access your website. Avoid using irrelevant ‘click-baits’ – visitors will likely think your site is untrustworthy and may not stay or revisit.

4. Produce Good Content

The old saying ‘content is king’ is still a very true statement. You must know your target market and produce the kind of content that they are looking for. Where there are possible follow-ups to any particular story or interest, write follow-up articles – give people a reason not only to stay longer on your site but to come back for more.

Good content also involves good writing. If writing isn’t your strength, pay to get your content professionally created.

5. Extras

Add extras to your websites that users may find interesting, such as ‘thought for the day’, polls, quizzes, surveys, bulletin boards and jokes. If you add these, make sure they are in line with the content and feel of your website.

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