June 22, 2024

Like every other industry, the health insurance sector is mainly online, and if you are prepared to do some researching, and spend a little time browsing, it is possible to pick up a real bargain when looking for family medical insurance. Dealing with an established health insurance provider ensures you and your family are always covered, and with many insurers offering discounts and special bonuses, there are real bargains to be had.

Long Term Policies

It is possible to enjoy a 10-year cover period, and what’s more, at the end of that period, you receive 108% of what you paid in, irrespective of whether or not you made a claim. This might seem too good to be true, yet if you look at the most popular medical insurance in Hong Kong, these are the type of things you can expect to receive. It is very comforting to know that, in the event you or any family member requires surgery at any time, you care comprehensively covered, and with many optional extras, you can tailor the policy to suit your requirements.

Special Cancer Payments

It is possible to take out a policy that pays you an extra HK$300,000 should you be diagnosed with the disease, which is a good idea if your family has a history of cancer related conditions. This is on top of the original policy payout, and once a person has been diagnosed with cancer, they would receive both payments.

Multi-Protection Levels

This enables a family to take out an insurance that suits their needs, and with a choice of either HK or US Dollar policies, you have a choice. Post-surgical cover can be included, as can inpatient surgical expenses, leaving you with virtually nothing to pay. By dealing with an established health insurance provider, you have much more scope in how your policy is put together, and this enables you to select the right cover.

Annual Discount Coupons

Some insurers will give annual discount coupons for checkups, which can save you a lot of money, and would typically include spinal tests. There are other financial benefits that one could be offered when searching for medical insurance for your family, and with an online search, you can browse at your leisure.

List your Requirements

This is a good idea, and you should do this before going online to search for suitable medical insurance, as it will aid you in your search. You might also want to consider holiday insurance while you are talking to the provider, as they would typically offer a range of policy types. One thing about sourcing medical insurance online is you are easily able to compare quotes, and this ensures you get a good deal.

In these days of spiralling costs, it makes sense to insure your family against any medical situation, and with online insurers, there are some big savings to be made, providing you take the time to shop around.


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