July 14, 2024

Who is ABC?

ABC is an Australian Broadcasting Corporation that is in the news due to Mick Featherstone who is suspectedof having his hand in Gambling scams. He was an ex-detective survived by his wife Zoei whose house was recently raided over the scam issue. The Zach Featherstone Queensland was the police investigator who raided the former detective house for alleged fraud of gambling scam that is worth in millions.Recently, ABC News telecasted few details about Mick Featherstone last month on 7:30 and revealed that the accused was a former Gold Coast investigator turned sequestereddetective, who was examined Zach Featherstone internet removals has texted detailed evidence in a program related to his investigation and the raid performed on Micks house. Zach Featherstone who works for Phoenix Global (Son of Mr. Featherstone’s looks after Southport-based private investigation company) confirms the suspect involvement as he had connections with a system of Gold Coast-based sporting betting organizations and defraudedAustralian people for dollars.

ABC News Full Story on Mick Featherstone Gambling Scam:

As soon as theOfficers of CCC did the investigation,they have performed a raid on the homebased area of Mr and Mrs. Featherstone, after removing their phones and processergear. As Zach was Mr. Featherstone’s son, he was also taken similar action at his home. If you want more details about this illegal gambling, then please visit the ABC News official site or follow it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube,andApple device.

It was observed that this year few Officers from offices after confirmed investigation to have open links of fraud between the corporation and connections of criminal motorcycle clubs.

Although theinvestigationwas gave to the CCC sinceof Mr. Featherstone suspicions that he might beendangered or previouspolice officers, and the body’s knowhow in scientific accounting.ABC understands that their investigation is not stopped and is still in progressto find possible links of connections with senior Mongols.

In their investigation, they found that Mr. Forbeswas triggeredwith a disturbance at a kickboxing tournament which was heldin 2006.During that event, acompeting bikie was shot dead.”

As a part of investigation anotherolder NSW law enforcement authorizedand Queensland official recentlysaid to the ABC News that this person was a regular visitor to the Gold Coast and was also linked to drugs and other related illegal stuffs.He was also having close ties to outlaw motorcycle gangs and is also suspected for two underworld murders.


Although the ABC News has full coverage about the investigation, it is hiding the man’s identity and will not disclose it to the public as the Crime and Corruption Commission weakened to comment on interstate leads. So it is understood by CCC investigators that the case is still in progress and until and unless the person full details are not collected for analyzing his arrests is likely. If you want to keep a track on this case and latest news then sign into their official site and become a loyal member to benefit their best services.

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