June 22, 2024
Microsoft Dynamics 365

A cloud-based customer relations management tool, Microsoft Dynamics 365, which has combined CRM solutions and Dynamics ERP into a single cloud-based platform. The new solution can easily be customized with the introduction of two major applications, which include Flow and PowerApps. So, what are these two applications all about?

  • Flow: a workflow engine that can run with third-party applications.
  • PowerApps: this gives you the freedom to create mobile applications as per your requirement and needs.

So, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has different apps that support devices that run on iOS, Windows phone, and Android. You can easily avail of these tools offline, which enables you to work even without having internet connectivity. Also, the data will get automatically synced once the connection has been re-established.

What does the solution integrate with?

  • OneNote
  • SharePoint
  • Lync
  • Outlook
  • Microsoft application
  • Word

With the help of these applications, a lot of your work turns out to become simple and you also save a lot of your precious time. Also, for those users who are working on the same document can view where their counterparts are working in real-time.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

What are some of the amazing features offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365?

  • Grids can be edited
  • Get insights into your customers
  • Activity sorting control
  • Web API enhancements
  • Use form scripts so that you can add icons with the tooltip text to view your columns
  • Enhancement of processes
  • Server to server authentication
  • Cortana integration
  • Power BI
  • Offers a sitemap designer for applications

Getting an overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365

This has been composed of integrated tools that let your business to do various tasks. This will include field service automation, lead tracking, increase sales, closed—based business applications, and much more. There is a wide range of features that will contribute towards improving your financial management, sales, customer service, and overall operations. These tools can also be deployed individually, working together, or as a part of a complete solution.

Also, the mobile application of this solution has been enhanced greatly, which offers a personalized workspace that will help you in completing your tasks without too much hassle. There is a list of priorities that will remind you of the tasks lying ahead for you. Also, you will feel pleasure after seeing the well-optimized dashboard that takes minimum scrolling on your behalf.

This software can be of great advantage to you. Wondering how that is possible? Well, you can optimize resource scheduling. The solution can automatically be programmed to schedule various items regularly. So, in this way, your travel time will be reduced and all the schedulable resources can be used more efficiently. With this, you will be able to consider all the issues and objectives, which include time windows, duration, skills, and resource availability.

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