July 14, 2024

The world has seen an increased prevalence in diabetes, and it has come with a high cost in matters treatment and management since it’s a lifetime thing. Because of its enormous demand and high-cost implications on the economic resources, Cigna came up with health insurance tailored for Hong Kong pre-diabetic and diabetic patients. This product is a solution tailored towards helping people to be able to lead a comfortable life even in a diabetic condition. Statistics is a game of numbers, and they never lie. Looking at them and this is not me preaching fear or spreading it, but in major economies, about 20% of the budgetary allocations to health care go to the treatment of individuals with diabetes. This expenditure leads to annual per capita medical expenditure to be twice the amount used on patients without diabetes. All these facts translate to the circumstances that are experienced in households hence the reason why you need to invest in a protection plan, and you will enjoy perpetual peace of mind. You will rest peacefully assured that you won’t bear the substantial economic burden in future for treatment and drain all your savings.

A deep insight into Diabetes

It is crucial for us to learn what animal is called diabetes.  This disease comes as a result of high levels blood sugar or glucose in the body. The sugar contents are in the foods we eat and beverages we take. Our body uses the insulin hormone to help convert glucose into energy for use in the body cells. Two types of diabetes are type 1and type 2. With type 1, the body does not wholly produce any insulin hormone. With type 2 diabetes, which is the most common among many diabetes patients, i.e., about 90%, the body does not produce or make use of insulin well. So with us is glucose availability in our blood without enough insulin to convert it, this transforms into diabetes. Some people also get pre-diabetes which could be a gateway to getting diabetes if not corrected in time.

Over an extended period, excess glucose content in one’s blood causes serious health problems such as damaging of nerves, eyes, kidneys among other vital body organs. Diabetes has also contributed to numerous cases of stroke, heart disease, and attack, and even limbs removal. As much as we as Cigna are in business, we don’t want the number of diabetic patients to surge. As Cigna we would like people to take care of your health. Go and undertake a blood test which can help you to know if you have diabetes. An example of a test you can take is the A1C. Also, engage yourself in weight control, do lots of exercises, lead a healthy lifestyle and if you have diabetes, come to us and get an insurance cover. We have fantastic health insurance tailored for Hong Kong pre-diabetic and diabetic patients.

Cigna HealthFirst DiaMedic Plan

Because of the high-cost implications regarding medical costs associated with diabetes, we came up with Cigna HealthFirst DiaMedic Plan to help people in Hong Kong whether sick or at high risk of getting sick to manage the situations. This plan helps cushion the subscribers from complications that come with the disease and an opportunity to lead a fear free and comfortable life. The plan sees our company refund to our clients a significant portion of the amount of money spent paying for medical expenses, especially for in-patient treatment. It also offers the subscribers up to 12 visits per policy year. This package is limited to a general health physician within the company’s already established medical network under primary benefits.

With this plan clients also get an annual offer health reward benefit of up to HKD3,500 at each policy anniversary(birthday) date, but this reward comes from the latest figures in one’s most recent health report. Other benefits include:

  • Digital diabetes management tool

This tool is mobile application software that is used to empower our clients to engage in day-to-day diabetes disease management and control.

  • Free membership to the diabetic association also known as Angel of Diabetic
  • Free annual diabetic check up

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