June 13, 2024

Blake Goldring, one of the greatest marketers of Canada, is currently the CEO and chairman of AGF management, one of the leading marketing firms in Canada. He took after his father as the chairman of the firm in 2006. He started out only as a president in 1997; followed by his success he continued to become the CEO of the firm in 2000. His passionate works towards the organization made him to become the Chairman of the firm, right after his father in 2006.

His regime as a Chairman is considered as the golden years for the company because he led the company through an exponentially growing path and developed it into an autonomous investment managing organization. It was only under the leadership of Blake Goldring AGF, the company flourished and expanded its operations to other parts of the globe, like Asia, Europe, United States, and all over the globe.

He was very much interested in the health science and joined as board of director of Sunnybrook Health Science center in January 2010. He displayed excellent skills in the field and in a very short time span was appointed as the Chairperson of Sunnybrook Health Science center. He serves as a Chairperson from March 2014 to June 15, 2015; after which he became the lead for the board of directors of the same organization. He was also given a membership in the quality committee, the internal and external Governance, and the nominating committee of the organization.

He didn’t just stop with AGF management; he also started to serve many major panels and organization in Canada, including the Toronto Financial Services Alliance. He served as a Leadership council member for the board and also served in many other major firms, like the Canadian council for Managerial Chief Ministers, World Presidents’ organization in Toronto, the Canadian film center, C.D Howe Institute, and Toronto Symphony Orchestra. He also serves as the directorand a Vice Chairperson of one of the leading Economics Institute in Canada called the Investment Fund Institute.

Presently, he is also serving the IFIC Ad Hoc Strategic Research Committee with their management and financial researches across the country. He always had a love for the Canadian Army and is now serving as their Honorary Colonel. He also works for charity in helping the Canadian forces with amenities and also extends his service to their respective families.

His contributions to the athletic division of Victoria are exceptionally noticeable.Blake Goldring AGF, along with his entire familyextended their full support to the athletic team. He providedthem world-class equipment and other requisites for athletics and sports, student extracurricular, physical fitness, and also gave them some educational support. He also opened a Goldring Centre in 2015for training the athletes for High performance Sports. This center is treated as a training home for athletes where they get all their requisites met and can practice their sport to meet excellence. He is also determined to give great education, in addition to academic support to these students.

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