March 2, 2024

Four Excellent Tips on Purchasing Auto Warranty Insurance

Let’s face it.  Most people want to buy a great car that offers a great auto warranty insurance plan as well.  Auto buyers are keeping their new cars for a longer period of time instead of trading in new car for another car two or three years down the road.  The actual track record in the car’s reliability is a major factor in buying a good solid car warranty insurance for the vehicle.  Another major factor is that technology has advanced with the state of the art electronics.  Here are some helpful tips that will assist car owners in making a rational decision in deciding on buying an extended car warranty for their new vehicle.

Length of Contract

The first helpful tip on purchasing extended car warranty for their new vehicle is the length of the contract.  It comes down to how long you plan on keeping your vehicle.  If you plan on selling your car in 2 or 3 years, it is not wise to buy a car warranty.  Car owners that plan to sell their car after 2 years should rent the car instead and forgo the car warranty.  Extended car warranty was created for new car owners who plan on owning and maintaining their vehicle for longer than three years.

Resale value of your vehicle

The second helpful tip in deciding to buy a car warranty is the resale value of the vehicle.  When a car owner decides to sell their car in less than two years, the new prospective buyer will place that car on top of his or her list because the original owner has a car warranty that is valid.  Car warranties shows the new buyer that the car is well maintained and cared for.  The new car owner can decide to transfer the current car warranties in their name.

Insurance cost

The third helpful tip in purchasing auto warranty insurance is the cost. Many car salesman are known to make bonuses from selling a new car warranty insurance to a potential new car owner.  Before buying a car warranty by dealers, try to negotiate the warranty down to the price that you want it before purchasing the new vehicle.  In some cases, warranty prices are greatly increased to see if the car buyer will purchase the auto insurance with no haggling issues.

The vehicles track record

The fourth and final helpful tip in buying auto warranty insurance for the new vehicle that you are interested in buying, consider heading to a respectable and well-known car dealership that has an excellent track record with previous new car owners.  You can look on Yelp for customer reviews on new car dealership that has the best customer service and great car salesman for the car that you want to buy.

Remember to review your contract (small print)

There are also other ways in deciding to buy a car warranty insurance that new car owners should consider.  It is vitally important to always review the warranty contract before buying it.  It will save you a lot of hassle and grief later.  Also, do your homework before heading to the dealership.  Bring some other multiple quotes from internet research to compare coverage and price with the car salesman.

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