July 25, 2024
medical insurance

The best thing you can get for yourself and your family is the best health insurance plan. Many insurance companies are offering necessary health insurance policies, and it’s difficult to tell which insurance company is the best. I will save you the hustle of researching different health insurance plans by different companies. Cigna insurance company gives you a chance to get yourself the best health insurance plans in Hong Kong which comprise of various benefits that will protect your entire family from unforeseen medical expenses. This plan covers for pre and post-medical expenses. Some of the standard charges during medical treatment include the hospitalization fee, room rent for in-patients, domiciliary expenses, day-in-day-out care, pharmacy expenses, and critical illness expenses.

All these and more charges can befall you or any of your family members at any time. To be on the safe side, you need to have the best insurance plan to help cut down your medical expenses so that you don’t feel the financial pressure during that time. Cigna Health First Elite Medical Plan is the best insurance plan you can have that offers a comprehensive global medical insurance cover without a lifetime limit. This is an excellent deal when regarding health. You cannot afford to miss this fortune while you’re uncertain of tomorrow. You can insure yourself and your family as the age-cover with Cigna is between 15 days to 75 years.

medical insurance

Why Cigna HealthFirst the best health insurance companies in Hong Kong?

It provides a substantial annual limit of up to HK 38.8 and helps you cater for unexpected medical expenses for the best medical services and treatment. They ensure you get value for your money by getting the best medical services.

The exclusive benefits which include a 10% discount off for the first premium, 20 % spouse discount if you and your partner enroll in the Cigna HealthFirst Elite medical plan and children discount for children below the age of 18, they enjoy 60% on their first-year premium and 50% on the subsequent years until they reach the age of 18.

Cigna offers health covers that meet your needs and options. Some of these needs include the geographical options, the kind of accommodation room, and annual deductibles. The rider options considered include a pharmacy, maternity, premium waiver because of chronic diseases and discount deductions. To enjoy all these flexible benefits, we call you to get yourself the best health insurance plans in Hong Kong.

Cigna Health First offers global cover that allows you to access medical services in over 7000 hospitals worldwide with a 24 hr support for all customers.

The patients benefit from surgical and hospitalization benefits because of the compressive health insurance plan coverage for basic needs such as room rent, operational expenses, intensive care, private nursing fee, dialysis, cancer treatment, palliative care, rehabilitation and inpatient fee. For each day you spend in hospital and also during obligatory quarantine for Notifiable Diseases3, Cigna gives you KH 2000.

There are also the mutual benefits that you will enjoy if you get yourself the best health insurance plans in Hong Kong. They include free health check-ups once every year, access to the best medical services and the ability to choose the best medical assistance from a variety of global medical experts.

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