June 22, 2024

Creation Utah is a professional house or property buyer. We don’t list your house on MLC like a typical real-estate agency. Instead, we pay cash for house Utah and take the ownership after completing the paperwork and getting the necessary approvals.

How We Work and How Real-estate Companies Work?

The primary job of a real-estate agent is to list properties and showing them to prospective buyers. If they like the house and buy it, the agent gets the real-estate commission, which is usually 6% of the total sale value of the house. An agent might be of help to you if you are willing to wait for some time to sell your house and you don’t mind payingthe real-estate fee. This is where we are distinct. We buy homes from you directly, paying you a fair amount. We decide in less than two days from the time we see your house, after some assessment. Here, there is a lot of risks involved in buying your house; from huge investments to buying the house to hunting a buyer.

We Even Buy Damaged Houses

We pay cash for house Utah and buy it in any condition. We prepare it, make it ready for sale, and promote it. Moreover, we give you a fair all-cash offer. We buy properties from major cities such as Ogden, Utah, Brigham City, Sandy, Taylorsville, Layton, Lake City, Provo, Bountiful, Jordan, and Farmington.

Why Sell Your House to Us?

The sale of a house is sometimes an arduous task. Only an experienced person can find a buyer soon, get the paperwork done, and get the required approvals to the transfer of ownership. A buyer can go through a lot of stress duringthis process until he gets his money. Besides, you must set aside a huge sum to pay the real-estate agent. At Creation Utah, we buy the property directly from you. Except for the transfer procedure, there will be no other delay. After that, you can be sure of the money in about seven days. Our staff will be in touch with you for the entiretime.

Choose Creation Utah as Your Buyer

  • We’ll buy your house straightfrom you
  • We eliminate the need for your agent to finds a buyer
  • No signing contracts

, quick payment

  • We take care of the paperwork
  • You are freed from the usual commissions, fees, or obligations

So, if you want to sell your house, contact Creation Holdings LLC, and be assured of the money in a very short time. No matter what the condition of the house is, we’ll buy.

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