July 25, 2024

Currently, digital printing is commonly spoken among product marketers, packaging developers or brand managers. Customized and personalized printed labels, fliers and brochures are used to send messages to targeted groups of consumers. Both the small and big companies are turning to digital printing because it is becoming increasingly cost-effective and at the same time offering the same standard of quality as the traditional printing methods.

Some of the benefits of digital package printing.

1. Digital printing technology provides endless print possibilities that are not possible with traditional printing methods.

2. Digital printing allows brands, labels and packaging to be refreshed for special events or seasonal promotions, and different language versions could be added.

3. Digital printing lowers capital expenditure and improve sell-through with target designs.

4. Digital printing enables brand owners to affordably launch new products and improve visibility on the shelves.

Many flexible packaging companies are choosing digitally printed labels for their vibrant high quality labels. Digital printing uses dots of ink to recreate an image from a digital file just like our desktop printer, unlike the traditional printing methods which use polymer plates to transfer ink onto materials.

Digital printing is currently one of the most popular methods of printing for customized pouches or stand up bags. The printing method involves uploading created images onto a computer and creating pouches imprinted with the desired artwork. Digital printing provides the options for brand owners to use handmade logos or create customized pouches in small quantities.

Digital pouch printing is preferred and comes in handy when brand owners need only a small quantity of printed pouch bags. Digital printing is practical especially when only a small number of pouches are needed for promotions and display when organizing a trade show.

It is every brand owner’s desire to present their products in the market in such a way as to capture the interest of their consumers and one of the most popular trends is the flexible packaging that comes in the form of a stand up pouch bag. These stand up pouch bags are made from layers of plastic, aluminium, and other materials to make them strong enough to protect the food products from harm or spoiling during transportation and storage. The pouches come in attractive, enticing designs with added features such as zip locks, spouts and reusable seals for customers’ convenience and re-usable purposes.

Digital pouch printing can be customized to produce packages of various shapes and sizes to suit the product, brand, and etc. These packages are made from high quality grade materials which are perfectly safe for consumers. Some even include additional safety features e.g. ultraviolet protection.

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