June 13, 2024
Enjoy Easy and Online Foreign Exchange Transactions 24*7

Thinking about how you could do these transactions online and if that’s safe or not. But at the same time, it’s offering to allow you to hold transactions all around the week so anytime you see a good opportunity then you can save it then and there and seize the opportunity. So, all you need to do first is to open a DBS account where you could perform all these, foreign exchange transactions.

And just as when you are done opening your account, you could enjoy the following offers:

  • The first offer is a cash rebate that amounts to HK$100 that is to one transaction of FX but with per transaction notational, that’s equivalent to HK$100,000 or maybe more till the first three months since you opened your account.
  • Another offer includes a cash rebate of the amount HK$500 but these for cumulative transactions that’s equivalent to a notational amount of HK$500,000 or more from the time you have opened the account to six months at maximum.

These are the joining offers that you could enjoy when you first open your DBS account to start all your fx transaction. Well, there are always certain terms and conditions that are applied to all these so make sure that you go through them carefully, and at last from both these offers, you enjoy a total cash rebate of almost HK$600.

fx transaction

Benefits for opting-

 As far as to enjoy benefits there are many that you can enjoy as a first joiner but other common benefits could also be enjoyed like-

  • Since it operates as an online portal for banking, therefore, allows you to hold transactions 24*7. Thus, you can do instant transactions online anytime you want.
  • You can also set up an FX watch list that is too customized to enjoy every bit of opportunity, so you can lock it instantly if any currency movement happens within and minimize the risks for foreign exchange transactions.
  • Also, you can activate your current account that’s inside your multi-currency account for savings with the crediting funds.

These are the additional benefits that you can enjoy along with the previous benefits also they have an app that you can install on your phone and check all these transactions on the go, or you can customize it and lock your transactions when you are not watching to minimize any risks if the price lowers down when you are not there. So, now you can enjoy foreign exchange transactions anytime you want.