July 14, 2024

Structural steel is a critical component in construction and infrastructure projects. Half & Half Metal Supply at https://www.halfmetal.com offers a variety of structural steel products such as I-beams, H-beams, channels, and angles. These materials are used in building frameworks, bridges, and other large structures, providing the necessary strength and stability.

Sheet and Plate Steel

Sheet and plate steel are versatile materials used in many applications, from automotive to machinery manufacturing. The supply at https://www.halfmetal.com includes hot-rolled and cold-rolled sheets, offering varying thicknesses and sizes to meet specific project requirements.

Steel Tubing and Pipes

Steel tubing and pipes are essential in plumbing, gas lines, and industrial processes. The company provides both seamless and welded pipes, catering to high-pressure applications and general utility purposes.

2. Aluminum Products

Extruded Aluminum

Extruded aluminum is known for its light weight and high strength-to-weight ratio, making it ideal for aerospace, automotive, and consumer electronics. Half & Half Metal Supply stocks a range of extruded aluminum products including bars, rods, and profiles tailored for custom fabrication needs.

Aluminum Sheets and Plates

Aluminum sheets and plates are crucial in industries requiring corrosion-resistant and lightweight materials. They are widely used in the manufacturing of transportation vehicles, packaging, and construction components. The supply includes a variety of alloys and finishes to suit different environmental conditions and aesthetic requirements.

Aluminum Tubing

Aluminum tubing is popular in applications requiring lightweight yet durable materials, such as in bicycle frames, marine equipment, and HVAC systems. The tubing is available in various shapes and sizes, ensuring versatility for different design and engineering projects.

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3. Stainless Steel Products

Stainless Steel Sheets and Plates

Stainless steel is prized for its corrosion resistance and durability. Half & Half Metal Supply offers an array of stainless steel sheets and plates used in kitchen equipment, medical devices, and architectural projects. The products are available in different grades, such as 304 and 316, to match the specific environmental and operational needs.

Stainless Steel Tubing and Pipes

Stainless steel tubing and pipes are essential in industries requiring hygienic and robust materials, like food processing, pharmaceuticals, and chemical processing. The supply includes various diameters and wall thicknesses, ensuring compatibility with high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

4. Copper Products

Copper Sheets and Plates

Copper is known for its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, making it indispensable in electrical engineering and heat exchange systems. Half & Half Metal Supply offers copper sheets and plates in various thicknesses, suitable for circuit boards, roofing, and industrial machinery.

Copper Tubing

Copper tubing is widely used in plumbing, HVAC, and refrigeration systems due to its superior conductivity and ease of installation. The company provides both rigid and flexible copper tubing, catering to different installation environments and requirements.

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