June 13, 2024

Most people do not know who the developers of the properties are lined up neatly in the city center. They may know but they do not know the profile. Knowing the developer of your property is one of the musts. Because you will get a reference to their profile. Are they the best developers or are they very experienced? Of course, you do not want to buy property built by inexperienced developers, don’t you? For that, it is important to know your property developer. Like as Hong Leong Holdings, who has experience building property, not only in Singapore but also throughout the country. One of their creations is The Jovell Condo. The condo is located on Plot J Flora road, Changi.

The Jovel Condo

Besides The Jovell Condo, What Property Has Been Built by Hong Leong Holdings?

Hong Leong Holdings is a large company engaged in property business. The company was founded in 1968, which means Hong Leong Holdings has experienced for decades in developing their property business. During that time, they have built more than 100 residential properties and arrange as many as eight commercial projects in various countries. This is a value more than Hong Leong Holdings. Recently, Hong Leong Holdings built The Inflora before they built The Jovel Condo. The Inflora is also a condo developed by Hong Leong Holdings subsidiary, Tripartite Developers Pte Ltd, CDL, and TID. It’s a great company that has completed various projects so they are very experienced in property development.

Learn More About CDL

CDL is one of the subsidiaries of Hong Leong Holdings who has been successful in building property business. in addition, CDL can manage club operator projects and provide procurement as well as information services. CDL is based in Singapore so many properties in Singapore are built by CDL. The company also listed itself on the Singapore stock exchange. The stock is commonly called the Malayan Stock Exchange. Another achievement of CDL is its ability to build complex retail, offices, and condominiums in Singapore and around the world.

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