July 25, 2024
fixed deposit online

Were you aware that one of the easiest ways to make money work on your behalf is by investing it in a fixed deposit? So, if you haven’t done any tax-saving investment and are looking for a safe and easy bet, then a tax-saving fixed deposit can be the solution.

Tax saving FD is one of the many tax saving instruments where you can invest with an intent to save tax under section 80C of the Income Tax Act. With a wide variety of options and products in the fixed deposit category, one can be confused and clueless unless you have complete information regarding the same. One way of insuring that is by opening your fixed deposit online and maintaining it online. Not only does it help you by letting you compare products and gain access to all types of information as well as entertain queries but also make the application and maintenance seamless for the account holder.

Let us understand some of the top reasons one must invest in a Fixed Deposit Online:

  • The advantage to choose online:

Having a fixed deposit online provides advantage of being at your comfort of home. Fixed deposits are now also available on mobile banking once you download the bank’s app on your phone.Selecting a fixed deposit is an easy and hassle-free experience if you are doing it online. You can seamlessly choose products by simply comparing each product and get along with the scheme that is best suitable for you. The research and tracking that is involved while making a fixed deposit online is easy and it can be done in minutes especially if you hold a salary account in the bank from which you choose.

 fixed deposit online

  • Better Facilities:

These days most banks offer extra discounts for customers applying for fixed deposit online. The discounts or the perks offered by banks can be in form of gifts or other types of benefits. Many financial institutions also provide insurance offers to people openingfixed deposits online. One can also receive all other benefits like loan/overdraft facility, nomination facility, etc. by opening an FD online.You can sign up using any digital payment options, including credit card, ATM/Debit card and net banking. You can also opt to link your bank account where the funds will be pulled out automatically and you would only be notified about the debit from your account.

  • Additional Freebies:

Certain banks afford you with extra benefits when you book a fixed deposit online. This consist of loan facilities in case of emergencies and insurance assistance like personal accidental cover etc.

  • Save on Taxes:

Under the Section 80C of the Income Tax Act of India, a fixed deposit investment of up to a maximum of Rs, 100, 000 for up to 5 years is qualified for tax deductions. You can file the tax deduction information in your income tax returns portfolio online. The tax saving fixed deposits are efficient when it comes to saving money and tax at the same time.

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