June 20, 2024

Do you sometimes lie on your bed and wonder if you could have had a hammock bed in its’ place? Do you watch TV and think that there is no way you can afford that designer kitchen?

Here is some good news for you.

Make your renovation dreams come true by getting yourself a Home Improvement Loan.

Home Remodelling

Home Remodelling, also known as home renovation or home improvement, is where you make additions or changes to improve the conditions of your living space. It generally concentrates on altering the structure of an existing home. Having said that, it also includes improvements to lawns, gardens and outdoor structures like garages and gazebos.

Home remodelling follow several goals like the following:

  • Comfort: upgrading the ventilation systems, adding luxuries to your rooms, increasing the capacities of plumbing and electrical systems and waterproofing and soundproofing of your house.
  • Maintenance and Repair: concrete and masonry repairs, repainting walls and fences, replacement or repair of plumbing and electrical systems.
  • Additional Space: turning marginal areas into livable space, addition of extra levels to an original roof.
  • Energy Savings: energy efficient lighting and insulation systems, renewable energy with wood-burning stoves and solar panels.
  • Safety: sprinkler and alarm systems, security doors and windows.
  • Preparedness: storm cellars and backup generators.

Home Improvement Sector

The home improvement sector in India is slowly growing as people have started to spend time and money on home improvement products. More and more people now want to have beautiful walls, designer kitchens and luxurious bathrooms. With retail and real estate growing rapidly, many have entered the home improvement business and now flourishing.

Home Improvement Loans

A Personal Loan for Home Improvement is a great way to ensure quick cash that can be easily repaid in monthly installments. At present day has the best Home Renovation and Repair Loans, tailor-made to suit your needs.

And applying for one has never been easier.

Online application, quick approval and fast disbursal of funds at the lowest Home Improvement Loan interest rates, all this can be done from the comforts of your home. Now you can forget about trying to find time off of your work and beating the traffic for a loan to make your house more beautiful.

Benefits of Personal Loan for Home Improvement

Here are some reasons you will find friendly agent for Personal Loans:

  • Instant Approvals: Once you have applied online, you will receive an approval notice in 5 minutes.
  • Get Funds in 72 hours: Fastest disbursal time compared to any other non-banking financial company.
  • Loans upto Rs.25 lakhs: Avail Home Improvement Loans up to Rs.25 lakhs and repay it in easy monthly installments.
  • Pre-Approved offers: Pre-approved offers waiting for you to be applied for.
  • Online Account access: With this, you can access your payment schedule, interest certificates, repayment track and other key information related to your loans.

Eligibility for a Personal Loan

You may either be salaried or self-employed with a minimum net salary of Rs.30000 – Rs.40000. The documents required for the Personal Loan are:

  1. Salary slips of past 2 months
  2. Bank statement of past 3 months
  3. Employment ID for employment proof
  4. Address and identity proof for KYC

Now that hammock bed and designer kitchen doesn’t seem like an impossible goal, does it? Who ever thought that there existed a loan especially for home improvement? Now that you know that getting one is so simple, maybe your dreams of living in a beautiful home with your family can finally come true.

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