June 13, 2024

Many young professionals including Chartered Accountants often have a concern – how to increase the clients? This write-up will help you with tried and tested suggestions which will help you enhance your client base. If you have a shortage of funds, you can avail a CA loan to help you manage your needs to help push your business.

Here are some tips that you can implement to enhance your clients if you have a tax consultancy!

  • Don’t limit your business’ area only to tax filing

A firm enjoys serving a larger volume of clients opting for tax return services. When you offer them information while using the tax return interview, it acts as a great channel to give them benefits. While doing so, you can easily convert them for other services and give a push to your revenues. Hence, do not limit the service area of your tax firm to only tax filing and provide other services and help your business grow.

  • Send free updates and newsletters to your customers

You can find your potential customers online or via any reliable local directory of your area. You can send weekly newsletters and other updates to them. The content of these newsletters could be providing basic tips of tax management, vital dates for tax filing. You need to know that not all will respond to your newsletters, but is needed to showcase your presence in the field so that they may get in touch with you when in need.

  • Prepare monthly tax calendar and do other marketing activities

You may create a monthly tax calendar which will help you in contacting your clients, and you can make your marketing executives work as per it. You can include vital dates, pre-tax filing dates budget season, new registration dates and more in the monthly tax calendar.

  • Get equipped with the Client Management Software (CMS)

You need to know that it’s a digital era and even you need to be in sync with today’s demands to garner clients and give them good services. Processes have gone paperless and mobile and even you would need to adapt to it. Hence, you will be required to be armed with Client Management System (CMS). The system eliminates errors and improves data entry, does calendar sharing and also do proper interaction with the client. You can also get a helping hand in the form of the CMS to deal with the project of the clients efficiently. Some of the noticeable Client Management Systems (CMSs) available these days are ImagineTime, ProSeries, CCH-ProSystem, Reuters-Practice CS and Practice Management Software. A CA loan can help you bring everything to the table and take your tax consultancy in the right direction of growth.

Avail a CA loan and use it to enhance your client base

Yes, it’s a fact that unless your tax consultancy does not have enough finance, you won’t be able to take enough time-centric decisions which mean hitting loss.

As a result, you can avail a CA loan if you have some shortage of funds. A CA loan from an online creditor can help you borrow up to Rs.35 lakh on minimal documentation.

You will also avail the facility of a quick and hassle-free application, money disbursal in the bank account, reduced rate of interest, flexible tenor and more when you opt for an online CA loan.

The Bottom Line

Implement the discussed pointers to help enhance the numbers of clients for your tax consultancy. If you need some urgent money, you can always apply for a CA loan online and never let any obstacle to come between your firm’s success!

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