June 20, 2024
credit card

Credit cards are recognized as one of the best ways to do transactions involving money and the most reliable way to carry liquidity with you. When you are planning for a trip abroad, it is mandatory to carry a certain amount of money with you. However, you can choose to carry the same in plastic or liquid form. As far as the safety of your money is concerned, plastic cash should always be preferred and being easy to carry it gets settled in your pocket effortlessly. Hence, while traveling, it would be preferable to carry a credit card and forget about the worry of misplacing your money or losing it to some unexpected event. Here are some of the benefits associated with carrying a credit card in place of hard cash that makes the former a better option.

  • credit card

    No need to carry multiple notes


When it comes to traveling, the money involved is not slender. To meet all the requirements of a trip, a traveler needs to carry a substantial amount in his wallet. Carrying multiple denominations of liquid cash might be of much hassle and making your hard cash visible to strangers every time you make a payment can be equally risky. Hence, carrying a single credit card that will solve all your problems pertaining to payments is the best way out. With credit cards, there is no need to carry cash and always suffer from the threat of losing it.

  • No rewards for the money

When you use your hard cash for purchasing or making payments, there are no opportunities of earning any bonus on it. However, when you do the same transactions with your credit card, there always stand a chance of getting rewarded with a discount coupon, cash back offer or any other that can be of much help to you in the future. Hence, it is not only safe to travel with a credit card, but it also entitles you with the advantage of earning rewards for your future travel.

  • Exchange rates

When it comes to foreign currency, the primary concern that everyone faces is regarding the foreign exchange rates. When you travel beyond your nation, it is inevitable that you need to exchange your currency with the foreign one at a given exchange rate. For transactions done through ATMs, the exchange rates charged are generally higher than the one levied for credit cards. Hence, in terms of exchanging currency as well, you make a monetary profit by opting for credit cards as a mode of the transaction replacing hard cash.

  • Travel insurance

Travel insurance is an integral part of traveling abroad and is provided by multiple agencies. However, when you decide to opt for hard cash, there is no option for earning a chance of getting travel insurance integrated with a purchase of goods or services. However, when you route your transactions through credit cards, depending on your issuer, you stand a chance of getting an insurance covering consumer goods, lost luggage and travel delays in many cases. Hence, credit cards have the power to make your journey safe and hassle-free.

Fraud Protection

If you are carrying a substantial amount of hard cash in your backpack while traveling abroad, it is likely that you will be under continuous pressure of losing it. Your mind will be occupied with the thought of protecting your money at the point of time which, in turn, would become a liability for you taxing your level of enjoyment. Hence, make sure that you travel worry less and choose credit cards which if lost do not leave you rack-rented with its fraud protection feature. In the case of misplacement of theft, you can always block your card informing the concerned authorities nullifying every risk of a capital loss, unlike cash.

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