July 14, 2024

Are you wondering how much do you get for junking a car? If yes, you should click right here for the key things to understand.

The time has come, Old Bessie has seen her last miles and you just can’t help but reminisce on all the memories you shared.

All the towing you did, all the mudding, and all the pristine washes and waxes. Those are long gone, and Bessie won’t even start. So you are considering (dare I say it) selling her for scrap parts.

It hurts, yes. But it must be done because shes just taking up space in the driveway. But you don’t know much about the whole process. How much do you get for junking a car?

If this is you, here are some key things to know so that you can the best for Old Bessie.

How Much Do You Get For Junking A Car?

The amount of money you can receive for Old Bessie is heavily reliant on several factors.

Car Make, Model, and Year

The type of car that you have affects the money you get in return. Vehicles that are higher-end, such as luxury or sports cars, or in high demand can fetch better offers from junkers.

Discontinued cars, in Old Bessie’s case, unfortunately, do not fetch big bucks with junkers.

Current Scrap Values

The amount you receive for your junked car is also dependent upon the value of the metals that the car is made out of. Most cars are composed of Steel and Aluminum. and the prices for them have been declining for years.

Steel currently goes for around $100 per ton. But More modern cars are made of an  Aluminum and Magnesium alloy, which most manufactures will buy back when scrapped. This can give you an added edge when getting offers for your car.

Vehicle Condition

Cash for junk cars indeed varies upon several factors, and the condition of your car is no different. Even if the car doesn’t operate, the condition factors in because of the ability to resell its parts.

Important resale parts like catalytic converters, alternators, and GPS systems can increase the amount that you can earn from the car. But this is also subject to current demands as well.

So it is good to do proper research to get a ballpark appraisal before going to the junkyard with your vehicle.


The price of junk cars vary widely based on geographic location. That is because different states have different demands and rates for parts and metals.

State scrapping laws such as fingerprinting can reduce the amount you receive on the back end due to the costs of processing involved.

Little local competition can work against you as well. Not to mention the possible costs for car removal if the car is inoperable and the junker does not cover it.

The local market is an important thing to consider when thinking about junking your car.

Junking The Car

If you keep these things in mind, it will be easy to answer the question of how much do you get for junking a car. In Bessie’s case, she will probably fetch no more the $400.

A heartbreaking estimation, because the experiences you had were so much more than that. But take heart, her metal will be used to make something better.

Who knows, maybe Bessie will be a part of the new car you will buy and continue to share memories with you. So keep that in mind when you junk her. It’s worth it.

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