July 25, 2024

Whether you are moving to a new office space or undertaking a refurbishment, it is crucial that you find the right fit-out. The right fit-out can have a significant impact on brand perception and employee productivity.

Fitting out an office is stressful because there are many things that you need to consider. Your goal is to ensure that the results are efficient and prosperous. Here’s how to ensure a successful Office Fitouts & Renovations:

Determine the available budget

The success of the office fit-out is mostly dependent on your budget. With this, it is crucial that you determine your available budget at the onset. You should also take into consideration the term (whether it is temporary or permanent) of your site as it can influence the design and the scope of the project as well as your budget.

Get a strong design team

After setting your budget, you can start looking for a strong design team or office fit out companies Melbourne. The architect will design that will match your budget and perspective. When it comes to choosing a design, you need to follow the latest trends. It is crucial that you research for the latest office design trends so you will have a good idea of what you want and how it will benefit your employees. The most popular layout these days is open plan.

Involve the employees

The office fit-out will also enhance the experiences of employees. They will enjoy their space if you actively involve them in the process. By the time they get the fit-out, they will love it because they have been involved. This will significantly increase their morale and productivity.

Consider flexible workstations

You must know that more and more companies are embracing flexibility in their workstations like height adjustable desks, static workstations, hot-desks and many more.

The benefit of these workstations will depend on whether you have full-time or part-time employees. When evaluating the design of workstations, you need to consider your current situation and your long-term vision for the workspace.

Think about creative or breakout spaces

The latest trend is having creative or breakout spaces. These places are important because they can stimulate creative collaboration among employees away from their desks. These spaces will also help them to recharge or socialise. However, you have to determine if you have adequate space for these spaces.

Check safety

Safety should also be a priority when it comes to new office fit-out. During the designing process, you have to identify if it adheres to Workplace OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) regulations. You should particularly look into the fire hydrants, first aid, emergency exits, ease of movement in between desks and suitable lighting.

Check the acoustic design

Noise is a big factor that can distract employees. When checking the design, it should have good acoustic. This will ensure the reduction of unwanted sound. At the end of the day, it can help minimise the frustration of the employees. The acoustic design should be considered if you have open plan offices.

Planning office fit-out seems daunting but when it is done carefully, it will result to visually and emotionally appealing office – not only to your employees but also to your clients thereby increasing brand perception.

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