June 22, 2024

We all need financial aid to meet monthly payments, to be able to buy what we have needed for a long time and many other situations in which we consider asking for a loan. You can go to banks and other official entities that offer loans and credits, but if you are on a delinquency list it may seem that it will be much more difficult to achieve it. If you are on any of the official delinquency lists, such as ASNEF, RAI, CIRBE or EXPERIAN, but you need money and do not know how to get it.

I’m in ASNEF and I need a loan. Can I get it?

If you are looking for sites where you can get loans without importing ASNEF or other lists like RAI you should know that it is possible to get them in different ways but always with responsibility. The different possibilities of obtaining a loan without importing ASNEFor other delinquency lists are the following:

  • Go to a private credit company
  • Go to a pawnshop
  • Go to companies that grant mini-credits

It should be borne in mind that it is not really important that you are in these lists, but in the credit and microcredit companies they will always check if you are on the list and the reason and taking it into account can offer us some conditions others The point is that when banks and financial institutions never give us loans or credits, these other companies do have more permissible and offer different options for these cases.

This is because these companies take into account if the reason for non-payment has been occasional and for a small amount or if the problem is more serious but if, for example, you are on the list for not paying a bill receipt for these companies does not mean something really serious.

The most common is that they accept to grant us the money as long as the debt you have does not exceed € 2,000 and is not a direct debt with banks and financial institutions. However, this does not mean that they are not going to make sure that you can return the money in some way.

Where to apply for a loan or a microcredit with ASNEF and how much money can be requested

As we have said, the companies that do grant microloans and other ways to get money are private credit companies and financial institutions and banks are never going to give us money while you are on one of these delinquency lists.

You should know that these private companies usually grant up to a maximum of € 1,500 , but in any case, most usually grant a maximum of € 300 the first time they grant a loan to a new client, whether or not they are in ASNEF, EXPERIAN, RAI , etc. The reason is that before risking to give us a higher amount they want to prove that we are trusted customers. As soon as they check that you are returning the money on a regular basis they increase the level of the amount they grant.

Microcredit and urgent loans with ASNEF, without payroll, without endorsement and unemployed

It is normal for you to believe that you cannot get loans if you do not have guarantees such as payroll, a guarantee or even if you are unemployed, but in reality you can. Although it seems complicated, private credit companies can grant you a quick loan while at ASNEF even if you do not have guarantees, payroll, if you are unemployed and even if you do not have a fixed job.s

Of course, you will have to prove a regular or regular source of income. These sources to obtain a loan can be subsidies, payrolls of temporary and / or part-time jobs, proof of unemployment benefit, receipts that show that you receive money each month from a source such as rents or proof of personal income tax in the case of self-employed workers, these are some of the most common.

Are microcredits and loans with ASNEF more expensive or have different conditions?

Due to being on a list of these types of conditions do not change normally. In private credit companies the deadline to return the money will be the same if you are in ASNEF, RAI or other lists as if you are not and it is usually about 30 days. The payment of the debt can be made by card or by bank transfer without distinction if you are on the list or not.

Also, you can request an extension of the payment whether you are on the delinquency list or not. The only thing to keep in mind is that commissions and interest are paid from the time it is extended.

Therefore, the only difference if you are on these lists for a debt less than € 2,000 is that if you need money you cannot apply to banks and financial institutions but to private credit companies or other places such as pawnshops. However, if the debt that gives reason for you to be in ASNEF is higher than this amount then you will have more problems and difficulties for a lender to give you the money you need.

Urgent loans with ASNEF regardless of the amount of money requested

If you need a quick loan while at ASNEF and the amount you need is more than the € 1,500 that private credit companies usually grant, then it may be more useful to go to pawnshops. In the pawnshops they usually grant loans with ASNEF without importing the requested amount, but as long as there are some guarantees like the following ones:

Mortgage as collateral

The guarantee of returning the house is one of the forms of guarantee accepted by pawnshops. They normally offer up to 40% of the value of the mortgaged property. If you do not return the money, you will execute the mortgage on that asset to collect the debt.

Properties as collateral

If you have any property you can always leave the property registered as a guarantee of payment. Simplifying it, in case of not paying the debt in the established time the company will keep the property.

Jewels as collateral

If you want immediate loans while at ASNEF, choose to offer the jewels in a pawnshop as a guarantee is a good choice. In these places jewels are very common as collateral and can be obtained up to one or two years, depending on the value of the loan and the jewels.

Cars as a guarantee

Vehicles are also another type of property widely used in pawnshops to guarantee the collection of debt. Always assess the status of the car and from the result will offer a maximum of 70% of the value of the vehicle.

How to get out of ASNEF, RAI, EXPERIAN and CIRBE

Many people wonder how to leave ASNEF and other delinquency lists to stop finding problems when dealing with banks and financial institutions. The only way to achieve this is to pay the debt to the company to which it is owed.

Once paid the company will contact the bank and ASNEF to communicate that it is already solved, but we recommend that you also call to make sure that it is registered correctly. It may take about two weeks to register and, by law, can keep our data for up to six years, but you will no longer be part of the list of defaults.

The best choice

If you are interested in attending any of the various platforms on the Internet specializing in microloans that allow you to get out of trouble

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