October 2, 2023
Idea Management Software: Improve Your Business With Multiple Employee Ideas

Idea management software called sideways 6 will structure the process of collecting and creating ideas around business focus areas, which include:

  • Product development
  • Day-to-day processes
  • Customer feedback
  • Market trends
  • Competitive Insights

The software helps the goal to manage and organize those ideas for development or improvement.

Idea management system

With an idea management system, you can structure an approach to generate and evaluate ideas that help improve a business’s bottom line. In product management context, the idea management refers to the systematic framework to perform some tasks:




These are the tasks for the ideas to improve the existing products or even to generate new ones.

Benefits of idea management software

For a business to soar  into the competitive markets and to penetrate deeper into the new and competitive  marketplaces, use the workforce capabilities to the finest. Fostering the cognitive development and stimulation of employees’ ideas within efficiency and innovation, the participation of employees in an organization can be extended using an idea management system.

Enhanced participation can benefit, not only the business but increases the morale of the employees – this could be a win-win situation. Here are the several benefits of idea management software for a business:

  • Efficient and faster evaluation
  • Divergent thinking
  • Enhanced Collaboration
  • Foster Innovation
  • Thought Mapping
  • Better Focus on Employees’ Efforts
  • Ease in Patent Filing
  • Efficient and faster evaluation

Idea management software helps businesses for ideas between the patent stage and the ideation stage. The best ideas here are identified, reviewed, implemented, and evaluated while the poor ones are rejected or discarded.

Divert thinking

sideways 6

The best ideas are the ones that take inspiration from different sources. To ensure the constant flow of these, the employees have the mental freedom of divergent thinking without having to worry about the issues.

Enhances collaboration

How often do the employees brainstorm between team players turning into an ego clash? An idea management system makes it easier for the employees to get engaged in a collaborative effort without changing the discussion into messy communication. With idea management software, you can input the idea where participants can access the progress of the idea, potential avenues, and reservations to the idea to boost the idea further.

Focusing on employees’ efforts

The creative energies of the employees should be guided towards the business aims’ fulfillment. The business improves the quality and relevance of the recommendations. The idea management software will allow the business to highlight some business goals and business processes to collect feedbacks and suggestions.

Fostering innovation

The ideas are the vital ingredients to form the backbone of the important radical innovations that fundamentally change how the business runs for the introduction of the new products. Yes, fostering innovations helps your business renowned for reliability and satisfaction.

These are only a few explanations of the benefits, if you wish to expand your learning, read about though mapping and ease patent filing.