June 20, 2024

NFTs have gained popularity over the recent years, even though it has been around since 2014. They are also known as Non-Fungible Tokens, which are digital assets that are stored in a blockchain network. You can buy them using a crypto wallet, but curionft also makes it possible for people to purchase them without one. At the same time, they focus on NFT utility. Currently, people, brands and businesses can make use of NFT for their growth. It has many perks that can work together with your marketing strategy. But what are its benefits? Let’s find out here.

Helping Brands Reach Consumers in the Gaming Industry

One of the main advantages of using NFT is for brands to use it to reach their gaming consumers. It’s especially helpful for brands who don’t participate or have connections to the gaming realm. For instance, Burberry partnered with Mythical Games to launch an NFT collection for the game entitled Blankos Block Party. It’s a multiplayer game that features digital vinyl toys on a blockchain. Therefore, Burberry created an NFT shark toy that can be bought, updated and sold in the Blankos Block Party marketplace. Furthermore, Burberry is planning on creating NFT toy accessories to promote awareness throughout the game.

Working mechanism of NFT - Business News

Helping Boost Brand Engagement

Another way NFTs can help your brand boost its engagement is by creating NFT collectibles that fans can get ownership of that represent their favorite brands. For instance, Pepsi released the Pepsi Mic Drop NFT, which only had 1,893 NFTs. These were free for users to mint and access, beyond the gas fees needed to generate them. These featured microphone visuals to celebrate the brand’s historical tie to music. In terms of engagement, it was shown that 1,200 people own the NFTs, while 2,800 have been traded.

Offers You a New Way to Create & Sell New Items

Finally, NFTs can help your brand by giving you a new way to create and sell items. For instance, other brands have released NFTs that allow consumers to experience different versions of the real-world products in a virtual environment. For example, Nike acquired the virtual shoe company called RTFKT Studios to engage more deeply with consumers who enjoy collecting sneakers. This company is known for collaborating with different brands to create virtual sneakers paired with real sneakers for collectors to enjoy!

Exercising NFTs to Ensure Your Brand’s Growth

NFTs are surrounded by hype, and getting into this new digital asset will enable your brand to grow and become well-known. As long as you know how to utilize it properly for a better connection with your consumers, it will become a game changer.