June 22, 2024

If you have some money to invest, then you’ll want to put it into somewhere which can guarantee a return on your investment. There are a lot of options these days, but none recently can be as sure as an investment into a property purchase in Cape Verde. For the past twenty years, the government here has been putting their own investment into the tourist industry, and as a result the area is booming, with numbers of visitors only expected to increase. For this reason, an investment into a luxury hotel is a smart move.

Easily Accessible

For most of the twentieth century, Cape Verde was served by just one international airport. This was fine for a number of years, but since the government has been actively promoting tourism for the past twenty years, three new airports have now opened in the last twelve years. This totals to four international airports, plus three more domestic, meaning the island nation has seven out of its ten islands covered by air connections. There is a daily direct flight to Lisbon in Portugal, with further weekly flights to European destinations, and even one going direct to Boston, USA.

Great Weather

Cape Verde lies around 350 miles west of mainland Africa, but experiences milder weather because it is surrounded by ocean, which cools the islands. This means temperatures are constantly between 25-30oC year round on the islands, making it a perfect holiday destination at any time. Most of the ten islands are now being developed for tourism, and with pristine white-sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, the islands of Cape Verde are set to become the number one holiday destination in the next ten years.

A Smart Move

Traditionally, tourism has been strongest in the island of Sal, in the far northwest of Cape Verde. But since the government has made transport and infrastructure improvements, the next island along is being developed to become an equally popular getaway. At the moment the island of Boa Vista is tipped to receive an influx of visitors when the next luxury resort is complete next year. Certainly, there are many benefits of investing in a luxury resort – White Sands Hotel & Spa being the best on offer in Boa Vista. Construction was started in December 2015 and the resort will be completed in 2018. If you invest now, you can take part in their five year plan to make a guaranteed return on investment in this 5-star hotel. You can even start earning before the hotel is completed, with a 12% guaranteed return. After that, you can also be guaranteed a 7% return on investment for the next five years, before there is an option to resell.

Tourism in Cape Verde is on the rise. This is because of input by the government to improve transport networks to make the island nation more accessible. Boa Vista has now opened up and will be the next biggest island for tourism. If you invest now into a hotel complex still being constructed you can take up an offer to provide a guaranteed investment from now and until five years after the doors have opened. If you’ve never invested in an island resort before, then the current offer at White Sands Hotel & Spa is a sensible move for your money.

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