July 25, 2024
Performance of zinc sacrificial anodes

Sir Humphry Davy was assigned the first experience of practical use of anodes for cathodic protection. In 1820, the Royal Navy sought the help of Sir Humphry Davy to find a solution to prevent corrosion of the copper sheets used to coat the hulls of warships. After some experimentation and research, Davy discovered that corrosion of copper sheets can be controlled by connecting sacrificial anodes of zinc or iron. Since then, experiments and studies have been conducted to improve the performance of zinc sacrificial anodes and efficiency of consumable.

Currently, cathodic protection using sacrificial anodes is considered the most cost-effective solution for protecting underground tanks, pipelines, ships and other metal structures partially buried and immersed in water.

Among the commonly used anode rods, the zinc anode rod has become very popular and is widely used because of its characteristics, such as:

  • The relatively low corrosion rate
  • Easy to install, uninstall and reinstall
  • Relatively minimal maintenance
  • Easy to make in different shapes.
  • Low cost and easy availability.
  • No external power required
  • Low installation and maintenance costs.

Compared to magnesium and aluminium anodes, the zinc anode rod provides effective protection 24 hours a day for metal parts of sea vessels in brackish and freshwater. Owners of boats and large vessels around the world use zinc anodes to prevent steel, copper, bronze, etc., from being used. sizes. The method allows obtaining the maximum density at the anode without the formation of internal air pockets. These anodes are checked to determine the consistency of alloy combinations before shipment to the appropriate customers.

Performance of zinc sacrificial anodes

Some of the typical applications of zinc anode rods are:

  • Interiors and exteriors of oil storage tanks.
  • Storage tanks and well-laid underground pipelines
  • Narrow gaps between old, corroded and new reservoirs.
  • Internal and external coatings of wells.
  • Interiors and exteriors of steel pipes used in aggressive environments
  • Steel tower ground supports air power systems
  • Lead wire
  • Close the doors and dam
  • Installations and equipment for water purification.
  • Trash racks and screens

Installing zinc anode rods in the metal to be protected is simple and easy. You do not need to hire an experienced technician to complete the installation process. However, it is recommended that you carefully read the installation manual of the respective manufacturer before using the anode strip in your application.

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