June 13, 2024
HDFC Mutual Fund Schemes

Mutual Funds are a great way to earn money through the long-term process. This helps you not to keep your money sit idly. Your money goes and makes for you when you invest in the mutual funds’ segment. This is a great way to avail good returns and that too on low risks as well as high liquidity. Through the mutual funds, you can liquidate your money in about three days on a max. The hdfc mutual fundis a great place to invest your hard earned money as there are many beneficial factors that you can get from the HDFC mutual funds’ domain. They are great as the TER as well as the entry, and exit load is also low. The fund management is great and is done by highly experienced professionals who have gained the experience through their work processes throughout the years in this domain. The fund managers hardly avail one to two percent of your money for the services that they avail. The basic rate of interest on the mutual funds’ realm is about sixteen percent, and it is a considerable rate of interest.

The HDFC mutual fund performance is high mainly because of various beneficial schemes that will enable you to get high returns on low risks, and even the liquidity of the money is high on these multiple schemes. They invest your money and spend them on top and good quality stocks in the market. These results in your money returning with better profits and you earn good money. The hdfc mutual fund is a great place to invest your money, and it is advisable to spend for a longer term, and this will help you earn better returns on the money that you are investing. They also have the facility of Systematic Investment Plan which is like investing in the mutual funds in a manner that is a lot similar to the recurring deposit savings account.

HDFC mutual fund performance

Here are the various beneficial as well as profitable schemes that you can avail over the hdfc mutual fund section, and you should definitely keep an eye on them. These are the top five mutual funds’ schemes available over the HDFC Mutual Funds’ section:

  1. HDFC Gold Direct Plan – Growth –This is a five-star scheme and has a NAV of about 10.38. The one year return is 3.08% and that throughout three years is 4.76%.

  2. HDFC Small Cap Fund Regular – Growth –This is a four-star scheme and as the name suggests is a growth fund scheme. The NAV is 40.9 and the three years return is 16.28%.

  3. HDFC Small Cap Fund Regular – Dividend –This is another four-star scheme and is a dividend scheme with a NAV of 24.13. The one year return is about 3.97%. This is a beneficial scheme and has a number of benefits on liquidity.

  4. HDFC Small Cap Fund Direct – Growth –This is a growth fund as the name suggests and is also a four-star scheme. The NAV is excellent and is 43.28. The three years return percent is 17.8%.

  5. HDFC Small Cap Fund Direct – Dividend –This is one of the various four-star schemes of the HDFC mutual funds’ domain. They have a NAV of 27.84, and this is a significant amount. This is a dividend type of mutual funds investment.

These are the various beneficial schemes for mutual funds that you can avail on the HDFC domain. They have great Net Asset Value or the NAV, and they even have a great variety of things that they invest on like the gold, stocks and even have the debt funds. The major types of funds are the growth funds, dividend funds, and the fortnightly dividend funds.

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