July 25, 2024
warehouse pallet racking Melbourne

In any kind of warehouse, storage facility or distribution center, there is always some form of pallet racking facility that you will likely come across. Most of the pallet racking seen in warehouses are cautiously designed and chosen to meet the standards of the company.

However, as human as the designers are they are also prone to mistakes, especially if the process of its manufacture is in rush.

This article will provide you a list of the common errors or mistakes in purchasing a racking system and how to avoid them

warehouse pallet racking MelbourneFailure to Forecast Future Growth

One of the most important considerations when engineering a pallet racking system is future growth. This could involve a lot of factors in a pallet racking system like the increased weight of the product, taller pallets that require beam heights as changed. There are a variety of ways a future growth can be achieved, you can add beam levels or extend the height of uprights operating an upright extension. You must address these scenarios in the preliminary design phase to enable you to make certain changes in the system. You can also re-modify it into higher density storage depending on what you need.

Understanding true weights / future weights of product

Perhaps the most common mistakes among clients are to underestimate the definite mass of the pallets that are a stockpile in a rack system. A lot of people don’t usually notice this, but pallet heights are crucial in properly engineering a pallet rack. There must be a great amount of vertical distance on either side, this means you will have a better upright capacity that is needed to down rate. Make sure that you have a formal data with pallet weights, these are important measurements to prevent poor engineering process. Having a poor or weak engineering wire decks is a very usual mistake among consumers, make sure to avoid these as it could result in a wire deck with permanent diversion between channels making the deck take shape of a wave-like effect.

Incorrect or Inefficient Slotting

Re-slotting is being done to maintain peak performance as the product flow adjust. The application of pallet racking is achieved through a velocity slotting map placing the “throughput” of product, this allows you to determine how the storeroom is supposed to be fitted to attain efficiency. Most consumers do not have a fixed slotting schedule and a conventional plan for purposes of distinguishing the product in a warehouse.

Pallet Rack Damage

There are a lot of reasons why rack damage happens. This happens when the storage room is lashed for space, although the narrow aisle improves storage space, it also increases the direct consequence of forklift damage to uprights and lower beams. And the damage normally hits at the end of the passageway or in tunnel bays. To prevent damage in the base of the upright columns, you can use column protectors.

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