May 28, 2024

Use of the screening test helps reduce the number of candidates who appear for the final interview. The pre-employment screening is vital if you want to make sure you do not hire misfits of the job. Many firms use this type of screening before the final interview for the candidates.

Choose the right candidate

The number of candidates who apply for the job is usually enormous. It is desirable to select candidates who have the right personality since they represent the face of the company. One must also select people who have the skill and the knowledge. To do this, one uses pre-employment personality assessment tests. These tests are designed by the software companies in various disciplines and for multiple posts.

These tests are designed by experts who know what type of questions will separate the best from the rest. This is applicable for all posts including that of the manager, receptionists, typist, skilled worker, and others. By getting the test results, one can judge how capable the person is and what the quality of the work will be. So, companies who have specific job needs or too many candidates can use the test for candidates.

The tests will bring out the character of the person, whether he is dependable and trustworthy or not. You find out how much commitment the person has toward the job and how friendly he or she is. The outgoing character of the person shows how well they will interact with the others. Further, the tests cut short the time needed to select the candidate.

Find out the behaviour

You can judge the tendency of candidates toward certain behavioural type. The test shows you how smoothly he or she will fit into the working environment. By comparing scores, one can judge how clever or skilled the person is. If you need people for the job of a typist, you can include the specific questions to check his or her typing speed and experience as a typist. Same is true of all the posts. For instance, if you want people for a managerial post, you can find out how they behave in certain situations and then find out if they are the right candidates for the job.

You have specific software companies that indulge in making tests. When conducting the tests, the firm takes the help of the software company in compiling the set of questions that cover the subject fully. They prepare the question banks in various categories and interested companies can purchase them. These questions are standard and provide a comprehensive cover for the subject. Further, the firm can modify the questions to suit their purpose.

Different tests for different posts

If the company wants some people for its design section, they will include questions on design that only competent people will know the answer to. Behavioural aspects are brought out and the core competencies are tested. If the person scores high in the tests they get selected.

Use of screening tests help the company to shortlist the candidates and choose only those who have high skill and knowledge. It also helps the company save time and effort.

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