June 20, 2024
out of gauge

When the items or the materials are too large or wide as compared to the shipping container is called out of gauge transport. If our cargo is extremely large and does not fit into the standard shipping containers is called out of gauge cargo.

Cost of transportation of out of gauge transport

Transporting the out of gauge materials is a very costly affair as it involves a large amount of additional cost along with the material. It is loaded such that no other container can be placed along with them and it eats up the space very quickly. So, the transporting companies charge a high amount for this wasted space. These spaces are referred to as ‘lost Slots’. Out-of-gauge transports are more expensive as it involves less flexibility and limits the containers. The expenses also vary according to the distance whether it is domestic or international shipping.

out of gauge transport

Activities involved in the shipment of cargo

  1. Site of origin –it is the location from where we need to collect the cargo. The coordination team is key in this process. They need to make sure if cranes are available or not in operational hours.
  2. Transport –with a clear understanding of the origin site, transport is planned efficiently according to that. We need to site out the requirements and types of equipment needed for transporting the cargo effectively.
  3. Lifting with the help of a crane –Accurate measurements and technical diagrams should be made to minimize the risks associated with the cargo materials. It should be lifted carefully.

Challenges faced during out of gauge transport

  1. Finding out the proper conveyance to carry out the gauge to the port.
  2. Choosing the right type of cargo service.
  3. Securing the load on the oceans.
  4. Providing the right type of specifications to the cargo service.
  5. Calculating and controlling the total cost.

The cargo can be too large or too heavy to fit into a shipping container. The cargo’s size exceeds the dimension of the containers. out of gauge transport proposes a lot of challenges for the shipping service as well as the person who is shipping the cargo. The cargo should always be resistant to weather and can be prone to damage and other issues associated with oceans. We should calculate and control all the costs that are associated with the cargo containers.  According to the size of the cargo, the shipping company also needs to get extra permits required.