June 22, 2024

According to data from Forbes.com, property stocks are rising in value within the island city-state of Singapore. At present, the stock exchange in Singapore, which is known as SGX (Singapore Exchange) features ninety-eight “billionaire” stocks, which feature capitalization that exceeds one billion dollars.

In Singapore, the richest people are getting richer and the most valuable stocks are getting more valuable. Many of these stocks are centered on real estate. Overall, the net worth of the fifty richest people in the country is up by eleven percent, compared to figures from 2016. Large-cap shares are also growing, as indicated by a report from the Singapore Exchange which was released to the public several days ago.

Those who made the decision to invest in “billionaire stocks” may be getting wealthier as time passes! Thirty-seven of the ninety-eight “billionaire stocks” feature a dividend amount over four percent. This exceeds the STI (Straits Times Index) benchmark for growth, which is a little over three percent.

On average, the thirty-seven billionaire stocks show growth of 6.1 percent, based on Singapore Exchange data.

These shares feature year-to-date returns of just over nineteen percent. This is an excellent rate of return and it’s more than the 13.3 percent year to date gain for STIs.

Property is a hot commodity and it is likely the reason why these stocks are showing amazing returns. At present, over seventy percent of the hottest billionaire stocks are centered on real estate investment trusts or the real estate industry. These thirty-seven stocks are classified as “property stocks”.

For this year, to date, 4 out of 5 of the strongest billionaire stocks also have property focuses. Examples of the most impressive property stocks include CDL Hospitality Trusts and Frasers Centrepoint. Other strong performers are Mapletree Logistics Trust and Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail Trust. Gains in these stocks range from over thirty-one percent to over twenty-five percent.

One REIT (real estate investment trust), Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail Trust, is believed to be a powerful player due to the robust GDP (gross domestic product) in Indonesia. It’s retail sales in June were very strong. This information comes from a Lippo Malls financial statement.

Singapore Billionaires Love Property Stocks

It’s not too surprising that most billionaires who live in Singapore (two-thirds) own stakes in property-related companies or own property-related companies outright. The wealthiest males in Singapore, who are worth, combined, almost nine and a half billion dollars, are Phillip Ng and Robert Ng. They are joint controllers of the Far East Organization, which is a Singapore-based property development and private landlord company.

Clearly, investing in these blue-chip stocks will be a smart strategy. However, they won’t be cheap to buy. Those who bought them for a lower price may sell them for a profit or hang onto them, with a mind to accessing bigger returns on their investments in the future. Property stocks are driving economic growth in Singapore and fueling the personal wealth of those who are already rich, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

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