June 20, 2024

Silly mistakes are common but making them over and over again must not become your conventional skill. Most call centres are outfitted with inbound call centres and outbound call centres. These two call centre services are like two peas in the same pod because both the call centre tool require telephone interaction skills and customer satisfaction analytics. Although the underlying aspects of an outbound call services are different. Unlike inbound call centre, the outbound calling agents are likely to face the hurdle of cold calling customers. This is the reason why a lot of telemarketing service providers and telemarketers are aware of the few common mistakes while cold-calling their customers.

If you are new to this field it is immensely crucial to enlist and memorise the following few mistakes and avoid performing it as much as possible.

  • Unsatisfactory lead information

Your third-party organisation is there to help and it is your duty not to disgust them by throwing a few telephone numbers and names and tell them to connect with the customer immediately. It isn’t a good idea to leave your counterparts searching for hints and prospects to give you the best deal. Despite the crucial list of contact numbers and names try to extract some other information like gender, the time zone of the customers because you don’t want to address customers with a mistaken gender or call them when they are sleeping. Most importantly, detailed data for each potential lead is significant to establish a personalised interaction to boost service level internally. Unsatisfactory labyrinth of a lead passage is one of the common mistakes rendered by virtuous outbound call centres.

  • Dialing anonymous people

There are instances of only a few call centres that call exclusively important people. Others tend to dial up random numbers that the system display automatically. It is likely a kind of practical method employed by a lot of contact centres when they run out of leads. This method is regarded to be a poor practice because the agents end up calling people that are not appropriate for the product or service or sometimes inactive numbers. This is probably a waste of time and effort. Dialing anonymous people will result to irritating calls on behalf of your organisation instead of establishing a prospective customer.

  • Protesting Do-not call list

If a customer categorises your call list to spam or ‘Do not call’ list then avoid the customer. The person listed you due to some reason and it is important to respect the decision on your behalf. You do not want to be hogging continuously about your brand when the person said a solid ‘no’. Consistently troubling people will end you up paying penalties for violating personal space or customer are likely to file a complaint against your company.

  • Following strict call scripts

It is good that your call centre is following rules and regulation to adhere the satisfaction rate of your customer. But sounding robotic and mechanical to your prospective leads is not what outbound call centres must apply to. A customer need vary as per individuals. A student may want your brand for a different purpose while an official individual may have a different insight. If your agents are stuck with call scripts, there will be challenge for delivering sale growth within the firm. Therefore, it is important to adapt a flexible nature in your call scripts and teach representatives to bend it according to the customer’s background to close the deal.

  • Lack of any script

Giving your agents the freedom of speech is good only to a limited extent. Outbound call centres without the facility of proper script isn’t a good practice. There are chances to miss out important pointers or conditions regarding your brand. Therefore, lack of any script is not a satisfying method for making customer calls.

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