June 20, 2024

If your property has been damaged in a hail storm, and the insurance company is refusing to pay you the amount you deserve—or at all—you need a professional attorney to help.

No one wants to find out that their insurance company is denying, delaying, or underpaying them for property damage.  If you feel that your insurance company is misleading you after you have filed a claim for hail damage, you need a bad faith insurance lawyer.

What are my legal options?

After filing a claim for hail damage, having to start a legal suit against your insurance company was probably the last thing you thought would happen.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies under pay, delay payments, or flat out deny claims that were made by honest individuals.  Everyone wants their insurance company to simply investigate their claim and award a settlement, but that is not very common.

You may have reason for a bad faith insurance claim if you feel like your insurance company is delaying the processing of your claim, underpaying on your claim, or denying it on unfair grounds.

What will happen when I file a claim against the company?

It’s possible that the entire ordeal can be resolved through litigation or settlement talks. We will work with the insurance company on your behalf to help get the claim processed and settled as quickly and fairly as possible.

Who can file a claim?

Whether the property was commercial or residential, we have helped countless individuals get proper compensated for claims that the insurance company previously denied, delayed, or underpaid on.

Make a Bad Faith Insurance Claim

You pay your insurance so that they can cover hail damage and other events. Don’t allow them to mistreat you. The insurance company is surely acting in their best interest, but if we find that their process is breaking any bad faith laws, we will help you file a bad faith insurance claim against them.

The law prevents insurance companies from taking actions to intentionally harm you as a consumer. If they are failing to return your calls or answer your letters, or if they denied your claim without proper investigation, you may be able to pursue a bad faith insurance claim.

What will an attorney do?

An attorney will be able to walk you through the legal matters surrounding your claim. They will look into the claim you filed and the communication between you and your insurance company. The attorney will determine whether the insurance company denied your claim without proper investigation, or underpaid on your claim.

Depending on the lawyer’s findings, they will take the appropriate action to assist you in seeking proper compensation.


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