June 22, 2024

Although there are a lot of claims that they have profited in Forex trading, there’s still no guarantee that the same thing will happen to you. There are a lot of factors to consider to succeed in the financial market. Unfortunately, not all are capable enough to deal with the consequences and the factors that revolve around FX trading.

For beginner traders, there are important points to consider before actually investing your hard-earned money into the Forex market. Things like market risks, risk management, trader safety, and a lot more influence the result of your every trade.

Trade Only With Regulated Brokers

Don’t underestimate the power of trading with regulated brokers. By doing so, you are ensuring the security of the money you invested. Financial regulators are there to help brokers enjoy a fair trading environment away from frauds and scams. Meanwhile, regulated brokers need to maintain transparency of their trading activities towards financial regulators. In this case, scam activities are lowered unlike dealing with unregulated brokers.

Understand Forex Trading Before Entering the Financial Market

Don’t get too excited whatever advertisement you see about trading. Don’t get fooled by others saying that you can get rich really fast with FX trading. These circumstances are just too good to be true.

Before you come up with the thinking that you will succeed in trading, gain proper knowledge and experience first because, without them, you can’t really have a good future in trading. Knowing about the fundamental and technical aspects of trading is something that you should give to yourself before assuming that you will succeed in this industry. Learning to control your emotions while trading is also very important to avoid unnecessary moves. If you are new to trading, you should only invest a small number of funds which will serve as your starting point in the FX market.

Knowing The Risks Involved In Every Trade You Make

Before getting your hopes up, you should know that in the industry, only 10-20% of Professional traders profit in the market. This makes the remaining 50-70% in the losing end. This is how risky Forex trading is. More so, if you get too unlucky, you will end up with a broker with a higher loss rate than that.

Here are the top three factors that contribute to the high risk involved in trading – Leverage, volatility, and unpredictable market movements.


Leverage is when you borrow money from your broker to increase your trading capital. But leverage doesn’t have all the advantages you need. It is a double-sided sword. If everything is well with your trades, then you will benefit from the amount you borrowed from your broker. However, if it goes sour and your trades fail, you will end up losing more than the amount you invested.

High Volatility

Even a slight change in the political, economic, social, or natural disturbances can affect the financial market. It could change the currency value. To avoid risks associated with volatility, you must ensure that you are regularly updated with the latest news and updates that could affect the value of the currency you are trading.