June 13, 2024

How many times has it happened that you have called some of your prospects when they were having a meal or were spending some quality time with their family?  What do you think would happen if your prospects are busy fulfilling their personal and professional commitments when their phone rings and someone from your telemarketing company is making a miserable effort to crack the deal? Well! Yes, you guessed it right! They would hang the phone straight up and pay no heed to your telemarketer’s words.

This is something which might sound familiar to you. The quality of your product or telemarketing services seldom hold any value if it is the telemarketing agents who are at fault. Tutoring the telemarketers is the need of the hour as only by providing them with necessary training can you ensure that your prospects turn into valuable customers of your company. To assist you better, here are the top 5 training tips to groom your telemarketers so that every time they make a call, they are able to crack the deal.

  • Preparing various scripts beforehand helps-

Most of the telemarketing services providers have scripts for various situations which their telemarketers may encounter. But, with the flow of time, they can get obsolete. While training the agents, it is advisable to ask them to customize the scripts according to their way of speaking as this would enable them in modifying it in a manner which is comfortable to them. Also, during weeklyor monthly meetings make it a point to ask your team to share their experiences with others in order to improve the overall quality of the script. .

Apart from this, make it a point to state the claims that your telemarketers can make and cannot makeaccording to the guidelines set forth by the government and company while they are trying to lure the prospect whom they have called.

  • Always address the prospect with his or her name-

The factor which distinguishes successful telemarketing services from the unsuccessful ones is the ability of the former to address the prospects by their name. A person’s name is the most beautiful sound for him/her in the entire world. Good marketers are the ones who are aware about it and use it to their advantage. The trick here is to address people with their names so as to make them feel important and worthful.

Train your telemarketers with cases of special situations wherein a mediator like a receptionist is present. While calling some big company they should keep this in mind that when the receptionist picks up their call they need to command him or her instead of requesting by saying ‘I am looking to speak to Mr. /Ms. _________, Thankyou.

This thankyou will close the sentence in a way that it will make the receptionist follow their command without any further introspection.

  • Tell them this secret of engaging the customer –

Do you remember your school days when your teacher used to ask you questions? They either used to be close-ended or open-ended. Which were the ones that you used to use more of your mind on? The ones that were open-ended. Right?

Likewise, during calls they should ask the customers open ended questions. For e.g.- If they are pitching the prospect about some policy that your bank has come up with, then ask them question like which policy are you using right now and why.  Lend them a listening ear and listen to them patiently.

Questions beginning with why, what and how should be preferred in order to ensure a continuous flow of communication while creating some amount of interest in the mind of the person they are talking to.

  • Make them master the art of closing a call-

Mastering the art of closing a call is a hard nut to crack because even experienced telemarketers who have been providing impeccable telemarketing services from years are not able to ace this.

First of all, make them understand that closing should not mean closing or ending the conversation with their potential customer till the time the person reaches a decision of purchasing the product or service that the telemarketer is offering. If not, then their main focus while ending the call should be on fixing the next follow –up call or meeting. Also, instead of asking them the right time to meet or call again, give them the option of choosing timings. Don’t give them a choice to say no.

  • Work on their speaking skills-

This is the most important and crucial factor in making your potential clients stay on the call. How your telemarketers speak, their confidence, voice, pause, tone, speed, accent and pronunciation, every minutest of the detail matters.

Obviously while hiring you would have already had taken this into consideration but during the training period try to analyze each of these key elements in their speech.

Most importantly your telemarketer’s voice should not sound very harsh, and they should not speak very fast as that would just make them sound less confident. Pauses and sounds like umm and hmmm should be completely avoided.

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