June 13, 2024

We established our company in 2010 and have grown since then. Our services expanded and we partnered with local small businesses to expand scope. We trained and skilled our staff in this business and created several jobs. We did all this because at 123 Flytting & Transport AS, we believe in the best.


We provide packaging, moving, shifting, and relocation and transportation services. We help you move your house without a hassle. When you have to shift from town to town, we can understand how worrisome it is. After all packing your belongings and house is not an easy task at all. Its years of good accumulated or atleast furniture and goods that you use on a daily basis. It’s a back breaking work along with the stress of shifting and settling into a new place.

The entire process of relocation is our responsibility as far as your goods are concerned. We start with packaging. Our team assesses your goods and packs them in good cartons as per size requirements. Once the packages are sealed, we send them to the moving vehicles. They are secured in modern moving vehicles in a manner so as to prevent any damage or loss. They are then moved quickly to the new location and unpacked. In case you have assembled furniture, we unassembled them and then in the new location, we reassemble it again. Our team is specially trained to handle your goods with care.

We have several recommendations and references. Our customers are very happy and satisfied with our services. There is dispute against us and we are recognized in Oslo as the best moving company. 123 Flytting & Transport AS is an award winning moving agency, which has only the customer’s best interest at heart. Our work ethic shows and we believe in hard work. Our people are courteous and professional about their jobs. They are trained to handle all kinds of goods.

We also provide you with cleaning services. Our cleaning services ensure that when we leave your flat after packaging and moving your goods, the dirt that we leave behind is cleaned. When you relocate, there is plenty of dust, dirt and trash in the house. After you leave, the flat is left in a spic and span condition ready for its new owner. We never give the customer a reason to complain.

Our transportation services are available for goods only transport. In case you are relocating or even if you are not, but have bulky goods or cargo which you want to send to another place, we are available for you. Our transport services deliver goods anywhere locally or abroad. All you have to do is give us the address and the goods. We will even package it for you. Our best in the industry vehicles will transport these goods for you.


Being industry best and award winning agency doesn’t come easy. Our hard work and work ethic are responsible for it. Our mission to make every customer happy is another way to ensure that we keep up the good work.

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