July 14, 2024

Given the rapid growth of the businesses in the recent times, there is an increasing demand for offices. Office space is a huge demand especially in the metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Hyderabad is a prime location for investors in real estate and property.

Growth centre in India

Hyderabad is the fourth largest credit centre in India and contributes $40 -$74 million to the GDP. The per capita income is ₹44,330. It has many important industrial and drug related ventures. Therefore, it is sometimes called the ‘Genome Valley of India’. Many global conglomerates such as IBM, Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft among others have a base here.

Raises demand in office space

All this has made the office space in Hyderabad quite difficult to come by. This has led to the birth of co-working office spaces. These are shared offices housed in the same office building. These offices are of two kinds – furnished and unfurnished. Some businesses prefer to move their own office furniture in and so they will rent unfurnished offices.

Benefit of furnished office spaces

For the most part, the small and medium businesses rent furnished offices. These offices offer full time water and electricity, in addition to the concierge and parking valet for the vehicles. You can hire your own secretary and typist from the typist pool on the premises. You can hire the computer and workstations for the staff as per your need.

On-board catering services

Many shared offices have a cafeteria to cater to the needs of the office staff exclusively. This is useful for those who travel a long way for work. The presence of the on-board cafeteria saves the office workers from having to go searching for restaurants in the neighbourhood. The business owners can host a celebration or provide refreshment for their customers.

Ideal location to the business community

The best thing about these offices is their central location to the business network. You can connect to the suppliers and the distributors easily. The movement of the products and services is smooth and you do not have to pay anything extra for the normal services that you would have to if you were located anywhere else.

Hire equipment from the owner

The businesses can rent the audio-video equipment for making demonstrations and presentations. They can hire meeting rooms for consultation with the board members or the prospective clients.  Another way to impress the customers is through the reception. You can use the common receptionist and leave and receive messages with the receptionist.

Telephone and answering services

You will have telephone connectivity along with the broadband. You can have an answering service too. This will help your office stay connected to your customers always. You can use the virtual offices if you need them. The price of these offices depends on its location mainly. It also depends on the facilities offered. Mostly all they provide security 24×7 so you can leave your office files safely behind.

Good office space in a prime location in Hyderabad helps a business grow and flourish. Having good support facilities will improve the productivity of the workers. Use of customizable solutions in office spaces helps you to make maximum use of the offices.

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