June 13, 2024

As you fix your second cup of coffee, you shuffle through the kitchen in your fluffiest house shoes. You have just woken up and are slowly but surely making your way to your computer. With a bowl of cereal sitting next to you, you sip and then take in a spoonful of granola – this is the life. You love this job, but not because you can wake up at almost nine and show up to job without even having taken a shower.

However, working in the virtual office presents professionals, more specifically start-ups, perks beyond working in your pyjamas. In fact, the virtual office presents start-ups with a variety of benefits, including the more immediate cost-saving ones. The virtual office, incidentally, is a format that allows businesses to lease the use of space instead of renting a whole office. Servcorp virtual offices in the United States offers start-ups the use of conference rooms, meeting rooms and boardrooms.

Continue reading to discover more reasons as to why the start-up finds the virtual office one of the better choices when it comes to office space.


The cost to rent a virtual office is much less expensive than going with even the cheapest serviced office. The virtual office only requires the renters pay for the amenities, rooms and IT equipment they use on an as-needed basis, which prevents a lot of waste in terms of paying for services you do not use. Additionally, virtual offices do not require a large amount of money for initial start-up costs. For a fledgling business, the virtual office is one of the most flexible plans financially.


Another reason why the virtual office is a favourite of the start-up relates to the fact many of the leasing companies can provide office space in prime locations. While technically the office is a virtual one that gives you access to meetings rooms, your business is given a physical address and phone number which is important in establishing your business as a credible venture, and yes, it gives your business some status, especially when these offices are in prestigious locations or in business districts.

Networking And Collaboration Opportunities

The virtual office presents start-ups with a variety of opportunities to engage in networking events. Premium serviced office providers hold events that encourage businesses to network and meet people across many industries. For the start-up, this kind of support is necessary for establishing business connections, but more significantly, priming the pump of collaborations with others.

Ultimately, the collaboration is the foundation from which much of your business will come. As you partner with others in the business community, you raise the profile of your business, and just by leasing the virtual office, you can use this office format as a vehicle for these collaborations as well. The collaboration is another way to establish your business in the greater community.


The start-up can do a lot within the large confines of virtual space. The virtual office allows the business to work from anywhere in the world simply because the office has moved to the online infrastructure. Essentially, this translates into an office that allows the start-up to contract with people over the net, to build relationships and collaborate, and to hold meetings in virtual reality and in physical space through video-conferencing, in addition to a number of other activities. Companies can create whole brands through the virtual office, and of course, much more inexpensively.

The Virtual Office – A Great Place To Start

The virtual office presents all businesses with a variety of opportunities. However, the start-up benefits greatly just in terms of the versatility that this format offers these fledgling businesses. Combine this factor with its affordability and the virtual office is the best choice for the start-up.

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