June 20, 2024

A tugboat is a secondary boat that helps to dock or pull the ship by towing or pushing the vessels in the port. Tugboats is a special-class boats that bigger ships cannot get in the port. Aside from its main purpose of towing the ships near the harbor, it can be used by providing essentials like air and water to the ship. It helps the bigger ships to maneuver by tugging them in the port as the bigger vessel cannot maneuver on its own. Even if the size of the vessels gets bigger, the tugboats can still carry them even though it is a narrow channel. These small but powerful boats are important to ports to help the vessels dock and they have strong engineering behind them. When you are planning to look for the ideal tugboats, Pollisum is one of the most trusted tugboats provider in Singapore. Contact them today.

Classifications of tug boats

Escort tugs

They are made to help and maneuver ferries and boats to their destination.

Support tugs

It gives support services offshore and it can do towing operations. These are the role of tugs that you may encounter when you see one. But there are also different types of tugboats that you have to know.

Pollisum is one of the most trusted tugboats provider in Singapore. Contact them today.

Conventional tug

It is a traditional type of tugboat that people are using before and it is one of the oldest tug development in the early stage. It has old principles that have a lesser capability of maneuvering but you can still see it in most ports. But with the advanced technology, it uses diesel engines with another propeller. There is a single propeller tug that has two types which are right and left-handed conventional. The right-handed conventional are common and they have chances to be used compared to left-handed conventional tugs because they are more reliable.

Tractor tug

A true tractor will depend on using a multidirectional propulsion unit. It is a rotating outboard motor with others that have a rotating vertical blade. They use thrust units to put side by side or under the bridge by managing the maneuverability in the right hands. The towing system can be put near the stern so it will get to the highest output from the propulsion units and the thrust can be outside of the towing point and it makes a positive turning. The flexibility of the tractor tugs is refined by working on the towline straight from a winch drum with a control joystick that takes controls from the bridge. They can easily span the towline with ease and many are using tractor tug because of its precision.

Azimuthal Stern Drive Tug

It is the average of conventional and tractor tugs because it uses some of the benefits of both tugboats. It can have two towing locations, one amidship and one forward and the main propulsion is the two rotating azimuth units that you can have rather on the traditional twin screw tug.