July 25, 2024

The is a platform where you will be able to have different functionalities online that are available at the branch office. The customers do not have to run every time to the branch office for any of the works, as they can complete the entire process as well as get all the information with just a simple click. Also, if the customers are unable to log in to pay the premium in the new e-services portal, they can access the old customer portal. Let us read some points about the customer portal:-

Functionalities offered

The functionalities offered by the insurance customer portal are just the same ones provided by the branch offices. Some of them are:

  • Facilities of online payment
  • Registration
  • Status of the loan
  • Policy schedule
  • Status of the bonus
  • Claim history
  • Revival quotation
  • Loan status
  • Locators
  • Premium paid certificates
  • Grievance registration


One of the most important features is that they can contact the business anytime they feel like. It means that the organization or the customer does not have to extend their employee’s working hours as well as increase the number of employees. The users can also get access to all the relevant information. The online portals also tend to reduce the number of customer services call and inquiries. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Instant and secure

The insurance customer portal offers its users the most secured as well as the fastest way to get the insurance product. You will be able to visit the website 24*7 and from anywhere to get the insurance policy.

  • Convenience

Users will get the maximum convenience and privacy from their home’s comfort to get their insurance. They will also be able to see and perform different functionalities that the online portals offer. You will be able to visit the official website of your insurance and provide the complete details. It will also enable you to make online payments either with the help of a credit card or debit card or by net banking. You can also submit all your grievances from your home.

  • Cheaper premium

There is enormous competition in the market, and hence the insurance companies are providing its users with the advantage of paying the cheaper premium.  They offer a maximum of 30% to 40% cheaper premiums when compared to offline policies. This is simply because the transactions happen between the customer and the insurer, which eventually reduces the agent’s or the intermediary’s commission. It also does not involve any paper cost, thus facilitating more cost.


Customer portals are becoming popular day by day because of the services they provide. They offer the users higher sum assured, also saves from the mis-selling and compare between the offline and online policies. You can also easily find out the comparison between other companies and yours.