July 25, 2024

scheme and open book

Writing is all about composing and arranging words into a coherent sentence, paragraph or article. There are many types of writing and these are autobiographies, reviews, comics, descriptions, diaries, essays, fables, how-tos, journals, letters, monologues, news, opinions, plays, poems, resumes, songs, speeches, tall tales and so on. What you should know is that all of these types of writings can be learned in school but when it comes to work nobody told you that there is such a thing as business writing.

You see there is this unwritten law about business writing, it’s just like the “bro code.” There is a proper way to be civilized in the office and in business in general that nobody talks about. But thanks to business writing and training, that’s all about to change. Because these types of training will help you understand more about business writing and how you should write accordingly not just to write professionally but also to help you get more customers and retain existing clients.

Distance is still a challenge to communication: Communication has bridged the gap on distance. It allowed people from other sides of the world to effectively communicate with each other like chat, email, and video call. Even if these technologies bridged the gap with communication, there are still challenges and that is the various understanding, disposition, beliefs, cultures, and gestures by various races. This is the reason why there are still communication gaps despite the technology and by learning about business writing can help you make the right decisions on how to act accordingly and deliver your message without the problem of miscommunication.

Its all about the image: With how technology has bridged the distance and most of your customers don’t necessarily need to meet you in person, your communication like your writing is the one that faces them. It’s your image, this is what they will use as a reference on how to size you up and if you don’t know how business writing goes, these internal or external clients might not trust or respect you.

It can help boost your confidence: Sometimes dealing with other people can be stressful especially if you’re just new to the company and knowing the business, writing is like knowing about how to deal with various customers. Business writing can help boost your confidence and self-esteem by somewhat giving you this rule or guidelines on how to approach various customers and how to communicate with them thru writing.

Writing is your image, a sign that you’re a literate person and it will also be the one that will carry you to greatness. There is an unwritten law about businesses, that there is actually an etiquette on how to write and deal with customers. With all the demands of today’s word, you have to make sure that the communication on your end is understood and perceived as a positive. Mind you that this is something that not all professionals have and this is also one of the reasons why some businesses are losing their clients. If you want to know where you can train on business writing, Click here for more info.

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