July 25, 2024

The Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala is returning after a two-year hiatus due to Covid, and tables, seats, and passes are all on sale now!  The Gala 2021 will be held on Thursday, January 5, 2023. Harold Matzner, the Board of Directors, and the whole Film Festival crew are excited to see you again.

Harold Matzner, long-time leader of the Palm Springs International Film Festival and Film Awards, has stepped down, the organization confirms to News Channel 3. Matzner has been the festival’s chairman since 2000.  Nachhattar Chandi has been appointed as the next chairman. Chandi Group USA’s president and CEO is Chandi. In addition to its engagement in real estate development, the firm manages a number of franchises around the Coachella Valley, including multiple AMPM petrol stations.

According to Matzner, “after positioning the festival for growth and becoming an essential event for Academy Award contenders, ‘(the festival) needs young and strong leadership at a high level of excellence, and I can’t bring that to the game anymore.” We are quite fortunate that Chandi is enthusiastic about the event and wishes to participate. It makes my heart happy.’’.

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Harold Matzner, the Chairman of the Palm Springs International Film Festival, has announced his resignation after 20 years of service. He will pass over the reins to Nachhattar Singh Chandi, whom Matzner describes as “a very successful and strong leader.” “The chairman makes big decisions like, ‘Should we require vaccinations?'” he continued. ‘What size should the film awards be?’ and budgetary choices, but the entire operation is carried out by the workforce. Every honouree we choose is aware that they will be nominated for an Academy Award; this is the tradition of the film awards and what makes them so prestigious.

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“I simply did not want to be an ordinary person in my career,” he says. As a natural-born salesperson, Matzner took a job in advertising and came up with the idea of distributing free weekly advertising papers to every home in a specific territory. When the concept proved to be a success, he became the owner and primary seller of the paper, which developed into CBA Industries, Inc. Matzner increased the weekly readership of his newspaper to 250,000 by uniting various mastheads into a free newspaper group with distribution in three New Jersey counties. His articles were immensely successful, giving rise to the concepts of shared mail and private saturation distribution. This achievement enabled him to access new markets, the first of which was the 8 million market.

Matzner has been married twice and has been married to Shellie Reade for 17 years. The family’s son, Devin, resides in Seattle, while their daughter, Laura, lives in Coronado, California. Matzner received the Horatio Alger Award in Washington, D.C. His Golden Palm star is at the foot of his buddy Sonny Bono’s monument in downtown Palm Springs.