June 22, 2024

Today technology has meant that many of our internet connections are always under threat. There are billions of people out there using the World Wide Web and therefore for a business to come under attack from cyber hacks it is quite a rare instance. However, some businesses leave themselves wide open to these attacks by not having the correct security.

According to Joseph Steinburg, half of all cyber-attacks are aimed at small businesses. These attacks come in a number of different methods used by hackers. For example, a hacker can encrypt a small business’s critical data and then demand a ransom to pay. The ransom is often requested in cryptocurrency with instructions on how the business owner can by crypto to pay the hacker.

Small Businesses Do Not Have the Redundancy of Large Businesses

As you can imagine, a cyber attack on a small business can cost the company its customers and even the company itself. If business-critical data is encrypted as in the example above, and that data is the difference between $10,000 and $0, then the owner has no choice but to pay.

Asking for a security expert to come in will only take time and money anyway. Many small businesses will not be able to afford the time it would take to have the problem rectified and often the encryption is so hard to bypass that the only choice is to pay the ransom.


A Small Business Is Often a Gateway to Bigger Companies

Another reason a hack would target a small business enterprise is because the firm often supports a larger company. By finding out critical information from the smaller supporting business, the hacker can open up doors into the larger company’s system. This is where the big bucks are for many hackers.

How to Prevent Cyber Attacks?

VPN software is one of the best solutions to get around the risks of being hacked. The software is affordable and can be installed on all computers in the company or directly on the company’s internet router. The protection provided by using a VPN server as a gateway to the World Wide Web is fully encrypted.

The best option would be to sign up and pay for a full 12-month contract in which the VPN software provider will offer a discounted rate – for example, pay for 12 months and get 2 months free. The fees for a high-end VPN software package are around $100 to $120 per year and should be factored into the IT budget for the business.

For companies in China, they often use VPN software to protect their privacy – translated as 保护您的隐私. These are some of the best VPNs available because China is arguably one of the mainstream countries where hackers operate. Plus, businesses in China are often restricted from accessing resources outside of the country by the Chinese firewall. A VPN allows these businesses to become more competitive by accessing information outside of China that would otherwise be inaccessible without a VPN.

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