July 14, 2024

Writing is a verb, an act, a skill, and an art. Writing is like talking but instead of just letting your words out to be heard, you write it down to be read. There are many ways to write, many angles to attack and many scenarios to approach it just like speaking. When you speak, you speak casually with your family because you are comfortable in their company, you speak friendlier when you’re with your friends, when you talk to strangers you speak nicely and when you speak to people at the office you speak professionally. There is an unwritten law on how a person deals with other people and this is applied to writing as well.

Take business writing, it’s also called office writing. Don’t get it wrong, this is not a form of writing for writers, this is a form of writing for every professional out there. A way of writing professionally in any situations, whether it’s in an email, proposals, reports and business cases, the business style of writing is what you need to know about. If your a person that puts “hey” instead of “hi” in your business email that you are sending to potential clients then you definitely need to have a proper training on this.

Why it’s important: Most of the time, professionals send a good amount of time writing emails, business letters, reports and so on. Most communication as well is done in writing, that means if you’re bad at it you’re clearly sending the wrong message and the wrong impression to your colleagues, boss, and clients. Business writing is not all about fillers, being too casual, it’s about being clear, concise and direct. Below are some of the benefits of business writing in your professional career:

  • Learning how to write business letters
  • Knowing what business writing is all about
  • Helps with your internal and external communication

What you will learn: Communication is essential to business, and knowing the proper way of business communication thru business writing is a contributing factor for success in getting your message across the board from internal customers and external customers with a positive response. Learning and applying business writing is essential to any business, if you’re wondering what you’re doing wrong why your competition is getting all your clients, this must be it.

  • You will know how to write simple, clear and brief and concise
  • You will know how to approach and develop a business style of writing which is ‘reader-focused’
  • You will know how to Plan, make, correct and even revise your written work
  • You will know how to write convincingly for engagement, effect, and action

Business writing is an essential part of any business, for the very reason that writing is the most common communication utilized to send a message to almost everyone in the company, especially companies with offshore businesses. While there is no written law and business writing is not really required during the employment process for the most part, it’s still very essential to a company’s success. If you want to learn more about business writing training an how it can greatly impact you’re in success, visits refreshmarketing.com.au for more details.

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