June 20, 2024

Leadership – real leadership, strong leadership, and effective leadership – is unfortunately in short supply these days for a variety of different reasons.

Look at all of the people in leadership positions in your life and throughout our society. It’s really, really difficult to identify a strong leader that embodies everything we are looking for in these kinds of individuals.

Thankfully though, embodying all that an effective leader brings to the table is a lot easier today than it ever used to be in the past. If you dream of becoming an effective leader, a motivated leader, and the kind of leader that people are happy and excited to follow into battle – whatever that battle may be – now is the perfect opportunity to do exactly that.

Why Respect is the Cornerstone of Effective Leadership

There are a variety of different skills you want to master to really perfect your leadership, especially communication skills and empathy skills, but above all else you need to have a look foundation of respect that you establish – two-way respect with those that you are responsible for leading – and the rest kind of takes care of itself.

Respect is the foundation that leadership is built on top of

It is absolutely impossible to effectively lead someone that does not respect you.

We have all had an authority figure or boss in our lives that we didn’t respect, someone that wasn’t a strong or effective leader, and instead someone that we wanted to fight every step of the way. Some people choose to go the passive aggressive wrapped and drag their heels while “completing” the tasks that they were charged with whereas others usually choose to fight those kinds of “leaders” head on in a blowup of wills.

At the same time, we also all have had an authority figure or boss that we would literally run through walls for. These are the kinds of people that we respect, the kinds of people that we know respect us, and the kinds of people that use this two-way road respect to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Time and consistency are your best allies in building this respect

The old adage that respect isn’t given but is instead earned is as true now as it ever was in the past, and it’s important that you as a new leader really tried to embrace the fact that respect isn’t going to be one overnight but is instead going to require your hard work and consistency over a stretch of time to build that respect up.

Consistency is the name of the game and your habits – especially in the way that you interact with your charges – will make or break the respect that they have or do not have for you. You have to treat them the same every day, you need to lead by example, you need to make the tough decisions without wavering, and you need to impress upon them the importance of crystal-clear communication and working as a team every single day.

When you put in the work and demand the same of those that you are leading, respect flows naturally.

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