June 13, 2024

What is Zinc Carbonate?

Zinc Carbonate is a white crystalline solid or powder insoluble in water. It is often called Smithsonite. Zinc Carbonate (ZnCO3) is an ore that contains the metal zinc. It was invented by a English scientist named James Smithson, the creator of Smithsonian museum in Washington , D.C.

During that time, Robert Smithson miners seen great discovery about an ore named calamine. Calamine has the ability to produce zinc. Smithson discovered that calamine could produce two types of substances: the zinc carbonate, a good source of zinc and zinc silicate, a bad source of zinc. This discovery brought many influences in our science especially on the field of chemistry and mineralogy.

It has plenty of benefits like in health, metallurgy, electronics and construction. It is usually bought by sack and appears white-yellowish powder. It ranges up to 25-40M2/g giving satisfaction to its benefits. It is often used on rubber products to give the transparency of the product.

Uses of Zinc Carbonate

One of the main utilization of zinc carbonate is for the extraction of zinc metal from from the mineral itself. Zinc metal is one of the most used metal in the world, as zinc has the ability to repel water and has the durability to withstand air corrosion.Zinc carbonate is usually used as buffer especially on steels and iron inhibiting them on decaying. It also serves as excellent conveyer of electricity. Zinc Carbonate can be found on pigments of paints, special chemicals and agricultural products. It also often found on zinc anodes or batteries, bulbs and TV screens.

Smithsonite is also often used on jewelries. A polished zinc carbonate become a blue-green circular habit with a feathery luster. It is called as Bonamite when it is sold as jewel. Some tend to misinterpret it as jade but there is no relation to Zinc Carbonate.

Zinc has a significant role in both human and animal life. It carries our body to process the food and nutrients boosting the activity of key enzymes. It is also one of the requirement in skin and bone development. Addition to this, Zinc Carbonate was discovered by Chinese medicine which cures common stomach and liver disorders.

There are variety of companies that manufactures Zinc. Nowadays, they make variety of  types of zinc. Manufacturers presents low prices but high quality products.


Zinc Carbonate plays essential role in our everyday lives. You can use it in any several manner,  it can be in health, jewelries and plastic products. Above all, I conclude zinc carbonate really helps in every field of our choice.

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