June 20, 2024

When you first read the title, you must be curious about the difference of a framing versus a regular hammer. Interestingly, this hammer is used to construct the groundwork for your project. Whether a woodworker is building a garage, house, or barn, for certain that professional is using the best framing hammer in building its foundation.

While framing is its principal purpose, it’s likewise a terrific tool to use to take out larger nails or driving it in. Oftentimes, you will see carpenters working with a variety of hammers. You can undoubtedly guarantee then that an experienced handyman is in possession of the dependable framing hammer.

To further appreciate the benefits of this handy tool, let’s look at the varying characteristics between the framing and the ordinary hammer.

  1. It’s all in the weight 

In carrying both a standard hammer and a framing one, you will notice that the latter is much heavier. When it comes to weight, normally a standard hammer comes in between twelve to fourteen ounces. On the other hand, a framing hammer weighs approximately twenty ounces but can rise up to thirty-two ounces.

The hammer with the greater weight offers stronger driving power as long as you properly apply the precise force. While choosing the heavier hammer is optimal, however, it is still ideal to select the appropriate weight for you.

Buying an enormous hammer can curtail your work. Meantime, choosing a lightweight hammer will not give you sufficient driving force for you to competently accomplish your work.


  1. The difference is in the face 

Most individuals have probably used a regular hammer once in their lives while using it you must have noticed its smooth surface. In contrast, a framing hammer possesses a rigid, edged, waffle face.

The waffle face is structured that way to better grip the nail while you pound plus it discourages the nail from dropping and sliding away from you. 

  1. Length is power 

An ordinary hammer’s handle is around thirteen to fourteen inches. Meanwhile, a framing hammer boasts a sixteen to eighteen inches handle. The longer length increases your leverage and power with each maneuver that you do.

Typically, a quality framing hammer is produced with premium materials to enable a viselike and strong grip. Note that you will encounter three types of handles, these are wood, fiberglass, and steel. Alternately, a handle covered in high-quality rubber will certainly last a long time even during heavy-duty carpentry and will not be as unpleasant compared to other cheap materials.

Though you will frequently see framers with thirteen-inch handle, in any case framing hammers normally comes with longer lengths. It might take awhile before you get used to it, however, in time you will benefit from the additional power it gives.

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