July 25, 2024
Every detail of Employment Discrimination in Singapore

This is a place where a particular employee is being served based on their protected category or class. They are treated on their past deeds, sex, disorder, color, race, religion, etc. You can identify such discrimination when you feel like your manager or boss is assigning you more tasks and you are working harder than your colleagues simply because of your class. You can also feel it when someone is commenting on your gender, color, or religion and you are being mistreated. This is very common and can have many side effects.

Different types of Employment Discrimination in Singapore

As mentioned above there are many various types of discrimination let’s learn about some of them.

  • Working parents discrimination, in this mainly a working mother suffers. They face situations like low salary, judgment look by other employees, and they are not being promoted. The manager also doesn’t allow them to do more tasks and judges them as if they are incapable of completing tasks.
  • Old age employees’ discrimination, in this type people from above age 50 suffer. As many organizations want young workers in their companies. If compared to older age workers they won’t be able to put as much effort as young workers. The reason behind this is young people won’t ask for much salary and put more effort whereas old workers are getting salary based on their working experience.
  • Discrimination of employees who are disabled, in this a worker who is disabled by any means suffers. As they won’t be able to travel anywhere for any meetings and they won’t be able to put more effort like other people. This doesn’t mean they are less valuable and they should also get their rights.

Every detail of Employment Discrimination in Singapore

Effects of Employment Discrimination on a particular person or organisation.

Discrimination not only in the workplace but even anywhere in daily life can have mane severe effects and can damage a person’s mental health. Let’s learn about some effects of such discrimination.

  • It can affect a person’s productivity, when an employee is caught in such situations he might feel depressed and demotivated which can affect his skills and productivity.
  • They can even feel disconnected from everyone and which can affect the coordination of a team working on a particular project.
  • It can bring down the morale of a particular person.
  • Many studies have shown that this can also lead to having severe damage on brain and a person may feel sick and he or she might get some brain disease.


This article covers all the information about Employment Discrimination Singapore and must be stopped. If you are facing such issues then it is recommended to report it to law workers.