June 20, 2024

Cash back is one of the top benefits offered by credit-card companies. This idea alone draws people to apply, if they’re already considering a card as the responsible way to spend. While you won’t get a high percentage back (like 5 percent) you can still see a nice return when you use the card for spending in certain categories. It’s even better if you can find a card that doesn’t have category restrictions.

For example, you might want to limit your search to cards that put no cap on rebates so you can get the best results for your retail purchases, including entertainment, travel, dining, even insurance expenses. Some of the top cards give you 1 percent back up to a set limit per month, then provide an additional rebate at a lower rate above that limit.

Reasonable Fees

You could benefit as much from looking closely at the annual fees. Some of the best cards offer a no-annual-fee period up to three years for first-time customers. When you apply, be sure you understand what those fees will be after the grace period. The good news is that if you’re looking for a cash back credit card in Malaysia for best savings, all of these benefits are now available. If you qualify according to the annual income level, you’d be wise to look into this offer.

If that’s not enough to entice you to apply, consider the additional benefits when you get a card from one of the top providers in this sector. You’ll be eligible for a 20-day, interest-free period on all retail purchases, starting from the billing date. You can enjoy the convenience of easy bill payments on utility and service accounts. Arrange to have them paid automatically by monthly debit of your card.

Cardholders also have the opportunity of various privileges and promotions, some offered locally while others are offered in the surrounding region. With most of the top cards, you also have mobile and online access, which makes payments and accounting much more convenient. When you consider a cash back card, you generally are eligible for rebates on both local and overseas purchases, auto-debit payments, online purchases, qualifying instalment payment plans, and mail order/telephone order purchase.

Credit on Two Cards

You rebate/cash back, is accumulated during the monthly billing cycle and is credited to your account on the last day of that billing cycle. Keep in mind that when you acquire a cash back card, you can also get the same benefits on a supplementary card. When you establish a card account with a financial institution, bank, or other card issuer, you also have access to many other services. The list includes the mobile and online access mentioned earlier, as well as deposit and savings accounts that pay attractive interest rates.

Most cards also give you the opportunity to apply for cash at a reasonable rate. For example, you might get access to cash with fixed installments of up to 36 months. There is generally a limit on how much you can access, such as 80 percent of your available card limit.


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