March 3, 2024

AR 10 rifles are very powerful which fire rapid follow up shots with the .308 Winchester cartridge. Most AR 10 rifles are bolt action guns, not semi-automatic magazine fed rifles. The scopes that are compatible with these rifles should excel in both quality and function. These are used for long distance shooting. The power of these BEST AR 15 SCOPE and rifles can be harnessed with the use of the right optics, so zeroing on the right scopeis very important for an AR 10 hunting rifle. As it can fire many bullets in a hurry, a lightweight scope with fast focus reticle and turrets to take advantage of the .308 cartridge is a a better option. The .308 Winchester cartridge is bigger in size when compared to the AR 15 so it helps in hunting bigger animals.

The Best Options

The market provides us with manyoptions to choose from for the AR 10 hunting scope. Some of the best scopes based on hunter’s reviews and professional experience are listed to give an idea of the best options available.

Nikon M308 rifle scope

This is a scope which feels apt and specially designed for the AR 10 rifles. This is designed for quick shooting and fast handling. This comes packed with a 42mm objective lens which lets light enter easily in low light conditions and makes shooting easier. This scope was designed for large heavy caliber rifles. This has a large eyepiece and eye relief is long enough so as to not hurt the hunter. When features such as the construction,the eyepiece location or eye relief length go wrong there can be very grave consequences.

Vortex Viper PST 4-16×50 FFP Rifle Scope

This scope is lighter on the pocket but comes with features that are on par with the BEST AR 15 SCOPE available ones. The turret measurements and matching reticule allow fast and accurate dialing of shots. The single block of aluminum used offers elevation adjustment and ample windage. There is an option to activate Illumination Enhancing system that enhances the performance in low light environments. It has a built-in feature to store the illumination settings that the shooter likes and can reuse it anytime.

UTG 3-12×44 30mm compact scope, AO, 36 color Mil-Dot, rings

The two features that are important and make or break a scope are the capacity to zero down on the target accurately and the capability to hold onto zero. This UTG scope fares very well on both these aspects and gives a tough fight for the higher priced models.

┬áTrijicon VCOG 1-6×24 Ballistic Reticule

Trijicon, well known for its ACOG or the fixed model rifle has the VCOG model which is the variable scope. VCOG is the evolution of the ACOG, it is as tough and comes with a battery operated reticle and 6x power scope. It is still bulky, heavy and bomb proof. The mount is inbuilt and can be fixed using thumb screws. It is quite easy to adjust the magnificence with the help of a large fin which is located on the eye-piece. The small details that are evident like the engraved diagram in the battery compartment, the finish that protects the metal etc add a lot to how the scope feels during usage.

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