July 25, 2024
What Is WhatsApp Business API?

Well, as we all know WhatsApp is a popular messaging app, it’s has been close to decade since we started to use the app, from then it has come a long way, right? Back then it was a simple application that would only be used to exchange texts and media messages, but from there the app has undergone a complete change as far as its features are concerned.

Let’s us break the term API down for a clearer understanding

Application Programming Interface (API) Is a software that simplifies the communication of two applications, so when you use an app , any app, to send either a message, put on a picture online or explore something( search), you are using an API.

WhatsApp Business API

It is used to help one business interact with more through a WhatsApp API account. It may come across as slightly complicated, but it is uncomplicated when you learnt how it can help your business grow further.

whatsapp business api

How does it help?

In case you don’t know it can be extremely helpful for the growth of your business, like while shopping online, we tend to get confused with what should be taken, right? It’s natural to feel confused when there is a surplus of options to choose from, now if you are already wondering, what has WhatsApp Business API, got to do with it, I’ll simplify that for you. Unlike physical shopping, virtual shopping does not give you the option to see and feel the product, plus as a potential customer you may have your share of doubts.

A Business API chatbot gauges your shopping attitude, and therefore guide you through the process, like recommending products you are likely to like. And this is a great help that saves customers from unnecessary harassment.


Gathering feedback is an unavoidable part of any business, by using API chatbot , you can learn more about what your customers think about the products. Whatever feedback you get through your interaction with them, might be used to improve the business further. After all, the entire objective is to help businesses grow further.