June 20, 2024

Injection moulding machines fasten the molds either horizontally or vertically. For fastening the molds different kinds of clamps are used such as manual clamps, hydrolytic clamps, magnetic clamps, etc depending on the product r part to be molded. In case where fast tool changes are applicable the hydraulic and magnetic clamps are employed. The plastic is carried into the cavities of the moulding machine either by a cold runner system or a hot runner system. Either a robotic arm removes the molded products or they just drop out from the mold into a container via chute.

The three types of injection moulding machines

Basically they are classified depending on the kind of driving system used by the machine which is hydraulic, mechanical and electrical. Hydraulic machines are the first known and used machines until 1983 and lack the precision.  The mechanical type uses toggle system for adding on the pressure on the clamp of the machine. This pressure also known as tonnage is very essential that prevents the machine from opening up due to the injection force applied on it. This kind is reliable when compared to hydraulic machines. The electric kind r electric press makes use of EMT or electric machine technology which is believed to be cost effective, faster with increased accuracy when compared to the mechanical and the hydraulic machines. However they are much expensive and also quieter in terms of operation when compared to the other types.

Hybrid injection combines the desirable features of both hydraulic and electric machines and is popularly called as Servo-Hydraulic.

The advantages offered by moulding machines and why buy used injection moulding machines?

The function of injection moulding machine is to produce desired plastic parts or products where you get a direct end product without much of a hassle. This makes them quite expensive to have. Thus to save money and to have the various advantages offered by such machines opting out for the used or second hand Injection moulding machines is a best option for plastic and goods manufacturing companies. Used ones are cost effective.

You can find various and numerous items manufactured using injection moulding process in our daily life right from the kitchen to your car and office. Fast production is a major advantage that the injection moulding machine offers where per cycle lasts only for 15 to 30 seconds meaning you can have many parts or products in just less than one minute. Most of the machines are materials and color flexible that is you can use any kind of plastic and desirable colors to get your finished product. As the tools are automatic the major advantage is that it cuts labor costs. The molded parts are quite flexible in nature and can be given any desired shape or design. It is the best way of recycling plastic by combining various kinds of plastics and in turn reducing wastage. The parts have a finished look that needs very little post production work. Scraps if any can be reused and thus low wastage.

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